The Bridgerton spin-off is wrapping filming; we're looking forward to a premiere date!

The Bridgerton spin-off is wrapping filming; we're looking forward to a premiere date! ...

When it comes toBridgertonseason 3, we know there's a lot to be excited about, but let's not forget the spin-off along the way! The Charlotteseries certainly has a lot of buzz on its own, and we have now learned that it's another step closer to production.

All you have to do is look below for further proof of that! On the way, executive producer and director Tom Verica confirm that production on the spin-off show has completed, and now, well, see it move into the next phase: Postproduction, where everything can be edited together and perfected for an eventual premiere.

When might we actually see some of these episodes on the streaming service? at this point, its probably clear that we were going to be waiting at least for a little while. Netflix is never going to be the sort of streamer that rushes some of its shows on the air, and thats a benefit that comes with being one of the most profitable companies in existence with such a huge library.

On paper, this may happen since it will launch close to the end of the year, which seems to make some sense! Its a wonderful thing to keep you going until Season 3, and when you stop and think about Netflix's releases around the Christmas season, there is a pretty good track record.

Despite the odds, there are a lot of discussions that will be held behind the scenes about all of this in the next couple of months. We're certain that the streaming service will choose a time that works the best for them, given that they do (and should) want a time slot here that will allow Bridgerton to prosper for the next few years.

This is all there is to it. This production, this cast, this crew, just wait.

Tom Verica (@tomverica) will be active on August 30, 2022.