YOU season 4 is wrapping filming; the premiere date is scheduled

YOU season 4 is wrapping filming; the premiere date is scheduled ...

If you are prepared to join Netflix's Yuseason 4, please know that you are one of the many. We know that there will be new episodes soon; in fact, we also know that the show is 100% done with production!

The fact that season 4 is done filming puts the series in a unique position, one where its future will depend on two things: How quickly some of these episodes are assembled, and when Netflix decides to premiere them, as they may be. They may be able to keep a finished product for a long time, but in the end, they have the prerogative to do it.

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When do we expect the show to come back? If not late November or December, we can easily have Season 4 ready by that point. Netflix already has Manifestseason 4 premiering at the beginning of November.

Remember that after losing Love at the end of season 3, Joe's life has changed drastically. The setting for season 4 is moving to the United Kingdom, and we immediately anticipate what will happen with Marienne. There is one obvious connection with all of Joe's women, and that is an unsatisfactory conclusion.

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