Fallout 76's Lucky Hole Mine Code Location

Fallout 76's Lucky Hole Mine Code Location ...

The Lucky Hole Mine in Appalachia is one of the best places to get lead. This area is filled to the brim with lead ore and is one of the places you should see often in Fallout 76. This door may be locked beneath a narrow corridor, but it does help you get the most out of the area.

Lucky Hole Mine location

Lucky Hole Mine is not a low-level game area. Make sure you get a decent amount of skill before going to this location. You may find it in the very southwestern portion of the map.

The Lucky Hole Mine is hidden deep within the Watoga mountains, just outside the Cranberry Bog section of the map. This area is located just south of the tower symbol that appears in the mountain on the map.

Where can I find the Lucky Hole Mine security key?

When you arrive at Lucky Hole Mine, you will need to confront a large number of cultists who carry various weapons. Look out for the one who has a flamethrower. Locate the three small shacks located outside the mine entrance. If you are back outside, you will need to go back inside.

Enter the left one of the three shacks and you will see a note titled Smugglers Stash in the back corner. Read the note to learn that the security key is 238963. The code remains the same no matter what character you are on, so you may ignore the note in the future.