A new Apex Legends leak might indicate a train comeback

A new Apex Legends leak might indicate a train comeback ...

A new Apex Legends leak suggests a new transportation strategy that looks quite similar to the battle royales' old train but much better. Redditer shocker_103 pointed out what appears to be raised rails dotted around the leaked map Divided Moon, one of Respawn's worst-kept secrets at this point. The map's overhead view was first leaked in March 2022, but later test images surfaced.

On Reddit, you may see it for yourself.

Some commentators think the leak will be a zip line, although the structure appears more like a monorail or, as others noted, a raised set of train tracks. You may not notice the significance of that if you dropped into Apex after season six.

Respawn included a train that ran around the map in the early games, but space constraints and geographical limitations meant that, while it was a unique addition, it created more problems than opportunities. The amount of space it required meant that most of the area around it had to be left empty. It was thought that this reduced the opportunity to create interesting encounters, and it was eventually removed in 2020.

Gondolas took the train's place, and they present some fascinating opportunities to alter your battle strategy or ruin your opponents. The original issue was addressed by removing the raised train tracks, which hopefully restores the old frantic train fights, which teams fought to the death.

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