Warren Fox of Hollyoaks is heartbroken when Joel Dexter's menacing secret is revealed

Warren Fox of Hollyoaks is heartbroken when Joel Dexter's menacing secret is revealed ...

Hollyoaks spoilers will be released shortly.

Next week Hollyoaks bad boy Warren Fox will discover the identity of his hit-and-run attacker.

Warren was hit by a mysterious driver in January, and the Channel 4 soap later revealed to viewers that his son Joel Dexter was the culprit.

Sienna Blake discovered Joel's secret in recent episodes and began making threats to expose the truth.

Sienna continues to hold a grudge against Joel for his role in concealing Warren's guilt in the murder of Brody Hudson. She knows that Warren would seek vengeance against Joel if he learned of his betrayal.

Although Sienna assured Joel that she would keep his secret, she was just taking her time to write the article.

Joel admits defeat after Sienna's games and sends a shocking letter to Warren in the next week's episodes.

Joel explains that he was responsible for bringing Warren over earlier in the year.

Sienna accepts Joel's pain at the very last minute, agreeing to put the conflict behind them. This time, she's being genuine and Joel is relieved that he will no longer have to submit his confession.

Norma Crow, a dangerous villain, is lurking, and she manages to get her hands on the letter.

Norma tells Warren exactly where he may discover the culprit behind the hit and run.

Warren is shocked when he discovers that Joel was to blame for overshooting him. Will he act in his usual way by committing a violent act?

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Selected omnibus episodes are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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