In her departure story, EastEnders' Frankie Lewis will be worried for Amy Mitchell

In her departure story, EastEnders' Frankie Lewis will be worried for Amy Mitchell ...

There are spoilers for EastEnders.

Frankie Lewis of EastEnders will take a bold stand next week after becoming concerned about schoolgirl Amy Mitchell.

Frankie, who is expected to withdraw from the show in the coming weeks, will be shocked when she's confronted by a stranger while returning from a night out.

Frankie is determined to protest certain male behavior as a result of the experience, especially when she worries Amy will not be treated respectfully by her new friends Denzel and Nugget.

Lola helps Frankie to talk to the cops about the guy who harassed her. With Ben's assistance, she eventually agrees and Mick supports her as she gives her verdict to Jack.

Frankie is dissatisfied when Jack tells her that obtaining a conviction will be difficult, leaving Mick feeling helpless and Linda desperate to help her.

Frankie's rage grows when she encounters Nugget and Denzel talking with an uneasy Amy.

Lola tries to comfort Frankie and takes her to eat when she gets fed up.

Walford East is tasked with a group of people until Ravi intervenes to put them down.

Frankie is left feeling even more uneasy, and when Lola rages about certain behaviours in some men, Frankie feels encouraged to stand up for women.

At the cafe, she finds Amy and apologizes for not intervening when Denzel and Nugget were threatening her, causing Jack to be enraged.

Frankie formally pulls Denzel and Nugget up on their behavior towards Amy at school.

Frankie thanks Linda for her help, and she recognizes that she did the correct thing standing up for Amy.

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