Toyah's massive confession about Imran's death is revealed in full on Coronation Street

Toyah's massive confession about Imran's death is revealed in full on Coronation Street ...

Following are spoilers for Coronation Street.

Toyah Habeeb's upcoming confessions regarding her husband Imran have been revealed on Coronation Street.

Toyah confide in Spider Nugent about what transpired on the day of the car crash in June in the next week's episodes.

Toyah has always dismissed any suspicions that she sparked the accident intentionally to hurt Imran, although viewers know that they were engaged shortly before the incident.

Abi Webster asks Toyah if she'd like to have baby Alfie for a couple of hours ahead of her court trial.

Toyah accepts, but when she spends time alone with Alfie, she apologizes to him for taking his father away.

Toyah's sister Leanne overhears her talking to Spider about the crash shortly after.

Toyah tells Spider that she crashed the car for a reason and intended to kill Imran.

Toyah's revelation both shocks Spider and Leanne, who are unsure what this means for the prosecution's next trial. Could Toyah end up sharing her guilt in court too?

"Toyah is on self-destruct by the time she gets up in the witness box," according to Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod. Whatever you may think about what transpired in the car on the day where Imran died, toyah is fundamentally a good person. She certainly considers herself to be a good person and has strong morals.

"There's every chance that Toyah may accidentally self-destruct in some sort of desire to forgive her sins when she gets up in that courtroom."

MacLeod has also warned that Toyah might be making a major error in describing Spider as the last person she should confide in.

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