Kelly Neelan of Coronation Street makes a stunning discovery about Rick's murder

Kelly Neelan of Coronation Street makes a stunning discovery about Rick's murder ...

Spoilers for Coronation Street are here.

Kelly Neelan's departure plot from Coronation Street will be revealed next week, as she discovers that she was misled about her father's death.

Kelly has spent the past few months believing her dad Rick was murdered by her mother Laura, who claimed responsibility for the crime before her death in April.

Laura, who was terminally ill, made a phony confession in order to ensure that Gary Windass, the real perpetrator, would remain around to care for Kelly once she passed away.

Kelly is sent some of Laura's old items, which she had left in Spain, in the next week's episodes.

Kelly finds a digital camera and goes through the old photos, finding one that proves Laura was on vacation abroad on June 17, 2019.

Kelly knows that her father was murdered on this date, so Laura could not have committed the crime.

Kelly confronts Gary with the photos and demands to know who killed Rick in heated scenes.

Is this the moment that Gary will finally confess?

Producer Iain MacLeod of Coronation Street had already revealed intentions to expose Gary's guilt over Rick, and he wanted to revisit the storyline before Kelly left the program.

MacLeod told Digital Spy and other outlets about upcoming scenes: "Gary must retrace his steps back into the forest of doom, where he once fought for his life with Kelly's father Rick Neelan.

"It's a fantastic tying up and complete stop on that whole story, which started with Gary's desperate act all those years ago."

"At times we've tempted to toss it out and reveal the whole truth to everyone." But finding ourselves in a position where we're having to resign from Kelly, simply means it's now or never."

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