In Fallout 76, what is the cap limit?

In Fallout 76, what is the cap limit? ...

Humanity has taken its first steps to recreate what was before the bombs fell. Caps are the most popular form of payment for all of the weapons and Stimpaks that your character requires to survive in Fallout 76.

What is the Cap limit in Fallout 76?

Fallout 76's Cap Limit was initially limited to 25,000 caps, but then again to 35,000. Now, the Cap limit is 40,000, and the game counter will now be a number.

The game's main goal is to sell items at the various train station vendors located across the map. There are a number of strategies available to get Caps, but the best is by selling high-value items and possessing a high Charisma score. Make sure to hold all weapons, armor, and chems you acquire the next time you visit a train station vendor or one of the wandering merchants.

The developers have also added new currencies like Gold Bullion for you to collect as well. Like Caps, Gold Bullion has a limit, but it is much less. Make sure to spend it properly.