Christine Baranski on saying hi to The Good Fight season 6

Christine Baranski on saying hi to The Good Fight season 6 ...

The Good Fightseason 6 will be released later this week on Paramount+, and, inevitable, there will be a lot of emotional stuff along with that. Just take a moment to consider where we are!

The Good Wife spin-off was originally released on CBS All Access before the rebranding to Paramount+. The final season of the show will feature a number of changes and most likely some satire and may also give us proper closure when it comes to Diane Lockhart.

The hardest part was hearing, Thats a series wrap on Christine Baranski, and then everyone gather around and me addressing everyone I had worked With It was very emotional. What I said to everyone was, I havent processed this, because it happened quite unexpectedly. I was also shooting Gilded Age [simultaneously] and my head was full of [dialogue from both shows]. I am certain that at some point that will happen.

Im already tearing up I think there's a lot of feeling there that needs to be processed.

Weve learned a lot from the experience. From the full-circle moment to Alicia's realization of who she is and how she has changed.

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