Kiwi Farms are practically dead as the owner posts a conspiracy-laden rant on the forum

Kiwi Farms are practically dead as the owner posts a conspiracy-laden rant on the forum ...

Kiwi Farms, which has been in the news once again for its role in bullying campaigns and threats against life, has had its final days as a functional website.

DDoS-Guard, a Russian company, has now abandoned Cloudflare and hCaptcha, causing Kiwi Farms' owner Joshua Moon to issue a lengthy statement laden with conspiracy theories, while acknowledging that this is the end of the site as he knows it.

Moon writes on Telegram, seemingly only realising this now, before emphasizing that the fate of Kiwi Farms rests with everyone, except its own toxic, criminal, and reprehensible group:

This is a coordinated assault. A coalition of criminals is attempting to frame the forum for their actions. These criminals provide opportunities for professional victims to amplify their message. Journalists canonize the crimes as the forum's behavior, which becomes the effective truth for the general public.

This is a massive amalgamation of various interests that was previously built up against 8chan, and which can be activated whenever the cathedral wants to test new directions of its censorship. I am one person. The problems aren't even the real problem - I am alone. There is no amount of money I can give to persuade people to be brave and be free. This is just the reality of our country.

What this machine will not accept is compromise. If I censored specific behaviors, it would not matter. They dont want a specific thing censored. They want the average person to be able to speak in channels where only specific thoughts are acceptable.

More important, they want to make it so that no small organization may host a service which harms the cathedral. Used to be that one guy with a good idea could create a platform and be a Tom Anderson, Mark Zuckerberg, Christopher Poole, or Richard Kyanka. These names are all from ten years ago.

The Kiwi Farms will not be allowed to continue to operate in a vacuum, like 8chan, or it will be a tangled shell of itself, with host names like Daily Stormer.

Ok buddy. He raises 8chan and Daily Stormer, two other former internet hate bases that have become hollow shells of their former selves, fragmented, and difficult to access following the deplatforming. Because thats the fate that surely awaits Kiwi Farms, according to streamer and political commentator Clara Keffals Sorrentiherself the most recent target of Kiwi Farms violent threats

The campaign is over. We won.

Kiwi Farms was declared a customer and switched to DDoS-Guard. Less than 24 hours later, DDoS-Guard, a Russian company that specializes in DDoS protection, has also dropped Kiwi Farms. According to Joshua Moon, Kiwi Farms will not be permitted to operate. It will either become a fragmented shell of itself like 8chan, or a cross between hosts and domains like Daily Stormer.

Many websites that have faced pressure attempts to be deplatformed, such as 8chan and Daily Stormer, are still online. They are nevertheless total impotent. Whether or not we are able to completely remove Kiwi Farms from the internet is irrelevant to the fact that the objectives of our campaign have not only been achieved, but have also been achieved.

Kiwi Farms is a real concern for all of the major corporations that provided services to keep Kiwi Farms online. Cloudflare's CEO has stated that it is an imminent and emergency threat to human life, and a former assistant director of the FBI has stated that it is a threat of domestic terror. In the last week, millions of people have come together to celebrate their defeat.

FiberHub, the company that hosts the servers Kiwi Farms is hosted on, has not made a statement. Joshua Moon believes FiberHub will also close their doors, since Kiwi Farms is now a terror threat and there is no reason for any organization to provide them service. We will keep an eye on Kiwi Farms' resurrenders in the coming weeks and months. It is highly unlikely that Kiwi Farms will ever regain their online presence.

What we have accomplished in such a short time has never been done before in the history of the Internet. The countless victims of Kiwi Farms can rest assured that the site is doomed, will never regain its previous momentum, and will continue to bleed followers, becoming more and more irrelevant with every passing week. Thank you all for assisting me and every other person affected by Kiwi Farms to get justice. Today the world is a better place.