What Happened when 'Archie' Meets 'The Predator'? The 8 Most Strange Comic Crossovers, Ranked

What Happened when 'Archie' Meets 'The Predator'? The 8 Most Strange Comic Crossovers, Ranked ...

Crossovers in comic books are so common that they are practically routine. Heroes are forming alliances with other heroes, cartoon characters are falling into other worlds, or cosmic threats are joining multiple continuities together. Part of this is because the limits of what one can do in a comic are controlled only by the author and artist's imaginations. Still, it's always a surprise when two completely different properties come together in a medium such as comics.

It can be quite amusing to see crossovers that push the limits of plausibility. Those are the particular kinds of comics that bring together heroes, villains, and even actual people of varying shades and genres, often under less than logical circumstances.

King Kong and Planet of the Apes

This 2017 series combines two franchises that have nothing to do with each other other except having apes as the central characters. The story begins with a gorilla army and Dr. Zaius chasing Taylor.

However, the tale takes a dramatic turn when Zira and Cornelius discover a giant gorilla belonging to the Kongs species, which is now alive. In an effort to prove ape supremacy, the apes bring Kong back, where tragic events take place.

Mars Attacks the Transformers

Mars Attacks, a popular trading card series and science fiction comedy film, had a series of comic book crossovers in the early 2010s, meeting the likes of Ghostbusters and Popeye. But a similar pairing made little sense and perfect sense when they attacked the Transformers. Beginning post-battle with the Decepticons, both sides of the Cybertronian war suddenly find themselves under attack by invading Martians.

Megatron tries to assert himself before the aliens shrink him (much to Stars' amusement). Then, both parties decide to team up to defeat the aliensbefore Megatron immediately explains that this union will never last.

Spider-Man Meets Ren and Stimpy

A Marvel superhero cross-posing with two of Nickelodeon's wildest characters seems like an obvious move. Despite the fact, Spider-Man is well-aware of that fact.

Ren and Stimpy dress up as Wolverine and The Punisher as they thank Spidey for bringing them along (primarily to increase their sales).

Godzilla Vs.Barkley

In this comic, Godzilla faces his most formidable opponent yet: NBA superstar Charles Barkley. After seeing Godzilla rampage his way onto the scene, Barkley is encouraged by a small child to take on the king in a basketball match.

Barkley quickly proves himself to be a perfect opponent for the titan, easily defeating him in the game. Godzilla now has to constantly practice, even having to wear gigantic sneakers and shoot a million layups. He has faced many ridiculous monsters before, but this one was unexpected.

Suicide Squad and the Banana Splits

The other is a bubble-gum pop rock band from the 1960s that consists of talking animals. The splits begin when, on their way to a concert, the two women are mistaken for metahumans and are apprehended. Fortunately, Amanda Waller is prepared to provide them their only route through recruitment for a mission with Task Force X.

As the story unfolds, Harley discovers she can understand Snorky, and the story culminates with the group attending the Splits concert. Now they have a new sound straight out of Belle Reeve.

Batman/Elmer Fudd

Although these classic characters have been crossed over with each other many times, mostly in comics intended for children, they have been re-interpreted in a more grounded way.

Batman/Elmer Fudd begins in a bar populated with low-life Looney Tunes characters led by Porky. Then, through a bit of manipulation from low-life Bugs the Bunny, hitman Elmer Fudd decides to make Bruce Wayne his next target. Despite the somewhat humorous setup, the narrative's tone remains dark and unreliable.

Green Lantern and KFCs Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders reveals that he has used the Green Lantern Corps to broaden his customer base in the aptly-named KFC: Across the Universe.

However, he and Hal Jordan soon discover that Orange Lantern Larfleeze has stolen nearly every chicken sandwich sent into space, and it's up to the two of them to defy him. It's truly a sight to see how real-life fast food icon Colonel Sanders becomes a temporary Green Lantern.

Archie Vs.Predator

Archie is probably the most jovial face in comic books: hanging out with pals, being caught in a silly love triangle, and surviving alien massacres. Of course, that last part does count, thanks to this delightfully bizarre mash-up.

As part of a vacation, a Predator launches an assault on Archie and his friends, then proceeds to follow them home to start a massacre on Riverdale. The classic Archie comic style is present throughout, making it a moving experience to see so many of his supporting cast members being murdered.