Riot Drowns In Toxicity, According to Three Billion Player Reports

Riot Drowns In Toxicity, According to Three Billion Player Reports ...

Riot Games has been expanding rapidly in recent times. With more games, more players and a diverse player base, might also imply more harm, but is Riot drowning in all of it?

Riot Games has grown over the last few years, becoming a multi-national corporation with multiple IPs. In a recent post, Riot received over 3 billion player reports, an amount that you probably can't even imagine.

It's no surprise that players are toxic after playing games like VALORANT and League of Legends. Both games are competitive, and players want to be on the ladder, so having someone play poorly, means that you'll likely report them after the game for consuming. Emotions are high, and those emotions often turn into toxicity, which leads to players reporting one another.

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Does Riot Look Into Every Player Report?

No, Riot cannot examine every single report personally. In the same post, it was explained that even if every person working at Riot were to spend the entire year on this, they'd still have to read six reports every minute. It's just impossible.

A factor to note is that 95% of reports relate to players who are rarely disruptive and who are either having a bad day or a bad game. Therefore, these players who are feeding, may simply be teetering and hoping for that final victory, without wishing to feed the opposition.

Okay, but how destructive will Project L be?

Penalties do work, according to data from 2021 players who received a penalty, less than 10% received a second penalty within the calendar year. This implies that reports and penalties do have an impact on the game and should make playing more enjoyable.

Riot has several algorithms that detect behavioural issues and which can then alert players' behavior after a match when a report has been issued.

Riot has released a number of games that emphasize communication. This is the easiest to monitor, since there is evidence that it can be improved.

  • Riot even thought of removing all chat at some point in League of Legends

Riot is attempting to improve their report evaluation methods, by ignoring in-game behaviors like slapping it down and feeding.

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With this technique, they'll be able to spot outliers who have received significantly more reports than the average player base.

Riot is working on implementing real-time evaluation and reporting systems into the League of Legends game, according to a recent blog. A system in place that warns a player of their own behavior might be beneficial in preventing them from becoming toxic.

Riot is investing even more effort in rewarding players who aren't toxic, like by gifting them unique skins, chromas, and other items. It's unclear whether or not these will improve our way of honoring and enabling players.

Does Riot Have A Toxicity Problem?

League of Legends, VALORANT, and Wild Rift are all fairly competitive games. The environment makes some players despise their weaknesses. This will also result in a slew of incorrect reports from players who may consider some behaviour to be disruptive.

Riot is drowning in toxic chemicals, but they're still trying to come up with the correct balance between reports, reality, and penalties. Will there be an improvement in player behaviour though? That's the real question.