In Warzone, all Killstreaks

In Warzone, all Killstreaks ...

The wide variety of Killstreaks in Warzone provide much-needed variety and strategy in combat encounters. What are they, how do they work, and which ones are available?

Killstreaks are some of the most powerful tools we can get in Call of Duty games. This is also the case in Warzone. We know Killstreaks and Scorestreaks mainly from the annual multiplayer releases, but some of them have also made it into the Battle Royale spin-off Warzone. In this article, we'll look at which Killstreaks are actually available in Warzone and how you can get them.

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All Killstreaks In Warzone

All the currently available Killstreaks in Warzone, including how to unlock them, what they are, and how best you may utilize them.

Once activated, the drone, or spy plane, shows enemies on the minimap in a very broad radius. Any players who are not protected by the Ghost Perk will appear as a red dot on the minimap for the duration of the UAV. If a squad manages to have three drones in the air at the same time, it receives an Advanced UAV. This also shows enemy players on the minimap as red arrows.

UAVs in Warzone can be purchased either at buy stations or found as loot. They are not particularly rare, and every squad should always have at least one drone ready. Information about your opponents' whereabouts is worth the investment.

The cluster strike is essentially a mortar strike. You mark an area with a laser pointer, and that area is then bombarded with mortars for many seconds. This is extremely useful if you have an elevated position from which you can observe a large area. It can be difficult to use against rooftop campers if you don't have a view of the rooftop itself.

Cluster strikes may also be purchased at buy stations or found as look. They are quite useful and allow you to make smaller areas completely inaccessible for a short time or take out enemies behind cover. We recommend that you rather collect the next killstreak.

Yes, there were quite a few movie cross-overs in Warzone already:

The precision air strike allows fighter jets to jump over a marked area and capture it under fire. Use binoculars to mark the area to be attacked, and you can use the precision air strike to capture campers on rooftops without having to look at the roof.

Precision air strikes may also be purchased at buy stations or found as loot. If you don't have a UAV with you, the precision air strike is definitely the second choice.

The Combat Bow in Warzone is a game that came from the Black Ops Cold War and shoots powerful arrows that damage a lot of equipment. However, it's not that easy to strike with this weapon, especially at a distance. However, you can down any adversary with just one hit, and even destroy a helicopter with just one shot, so the bow is definitely worth a shot.

Oh, and unlike the killstreaks mentioned above, the Combat Bow is only available as loot, so it can't be purchased at buy stations.

The War Machine has been a Call of Duty staple for decades, being a thin semi-automatic grenade launcher that rarely has a range of this great, and the grenades fly in an arc, making it necessary to hold it up long enough to avoid collision with vehicles.

The War Machine is only available as loot and cannot be purchased at buying stations like the Combat Bow.

The Deathmachine/Deathbringer is a thin minigun that's also a portable Gatling Gun. It takes a few seconds to "start up" before it starts firing. At shorter distances, the damage is too great to hit anything, but at short to medium range, you'll shave off everything.

The minigun may also be purchased as loot and is not available at buying stations.

What Are Killstreaks?

The term killstreaks is used in most multiplayer Call of Duty games. Strong support, such as controllable missiles, helicopter guns, and more, are tied to kills or kills in multiplayer. In Black Ops, though, you can earn scorestreaks by collecting kills or scorestreaks.

Killstreaks perform slightly differently in Warzone. Only a few select killstreaks are available during the match, and they cannot be selected in the loadout or unlocked during the match. Killstreaks must always be purchased at buy stations or earned through contracts.

Killstreaks in Warzone are nothing new. We will, of course, update this article as soon as new ones are added or old ones are removed. Until then, please continue to explore how you can improve your FPS in Warzone!