Ted was worse than Barney 9 times in 'How I Met Your Mother.'

Ted was worse than Barney 9 times in 'How I Met Your Mother.' ...

How I Met Your Mother is a tale of unrelenting love and hopeless romanticism, a story about a starry-eyed dreamer who believes in love at first sight and happy endings. But what if this perspective is as bleak as Lily and Marshalls first apartment? We know Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), the show's protagonist, is the narrator through whom we see their world. He portrays the other characters, his so-called "

Fans have been able to see through his shenanigans and perceive him as the delusional narcissist he truly is (or at least appears to be). Despite his character growth, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) was chastised for his womanizing.

Natalie's Birthday - TWICE

Barney was upfront about his inability to commit to a relationship, and he had a series of meaningless one-night stands with countless women. Ted, on the other hand, believed in the value of relationships, and always claimed to desire one.

Ted was the first person to leave the door at the slightest inconvenience. After dating Natalie a few years back, he somehow missed her and wanted to get her back. Natalie consents to date him again. But, voila, Ted manages to screw this up by breaking up with her once more for the reason that she wasn't the one.

He Wasn't A Good Son or Brother

Barney was a mamas boy, and even though he was embarrassed by it, he never slammed his mother's feelings. He knew what it was like to grow up without a father, and he was always there for his mother and brother, sometimes even at the expense of his wife, Robin.

Ted made no effort to understand or care for the family he was born in. He did nothing to help his parents divorce, accept Clint, or even trust his sister enough to accept her into New York with open arms.

Cheated on Victoria

In the first season of the show, we are introduced to Victoria, portraying her as the perfect girl next door. Still reeling from the Robin heartbreak, he dives headfirst into a relationship with Victoria without actually processing his feelings. We see Robin undergo a transformation as soon as she sees Ted out of bounds.

Ted lies to Robin about separating from Victoria to sway her to be with him. This way, Ted cheats on his girlfriend with Robin. Barney was never this manipulative and manipulative when it came to real relationships.

He Called Lily a Grinch

The worst happened when Lily decided to leave Marshall and pursue her art passion in San Francisco. Ted was a good friend to both Lily and Marshall, but he chose not to insult and degrade Lily in order to protect her. He labeled Lily a Grinch, as a result of his lack of experience.

While on the other hand, Barney chose to take action and flew down to San Francisco to ask Lily to come back, without ever telling anyone or demanding any credit. He acted as a true blue friend of both Marshall and Lily. He reunited one of the greatest onscreen couples without bragging about it.

His Whining Never Stops

After a certain time, when you have seen the program many times, you realize how Ted constantly whine, among his otherworldly qualities of being pretentious, selfish, and obsessive. He goes on and on about how he has yet to find the one, and how destiny and, by extension, the world have been extremely cruel to him.

What he does not do is stop and notice his bad actions. While he claims to be willing for a relationship and something real, he runs off, leaving a Ted-sized hole in the wall when something does not go as planned.

Unapologetic Badgering and Obsessive Behavior

As suggested by "The Dobler-Dahmer theory, there is a limit to how big gestures may be considered romantic and affectionate." Even if girls were uninterested, Ted always went above and beyond for them.

Ted was enthralled by Maggie from the moment she became single, aggressively following every romantic lead, and rightfully scared Robin off. He even pressured Robin to respond on the spot without considering how she must be feeling.

Callous About His Misdemeanors

Barney develops as a person and tries to hone his relationships with Nora and Quinn. Ted makes terrible judgments one after the other and ends up dating the terrible Jeannette.

He hooks up with a married woman at a St. Patrick's Day celebrations, and is convinced that good things happen to bad people. He spends the night proving the theory by shocking actions.

Absurd Standards for The One

Ted pictured himself as the perfect partner. His obsession with finding the perfect girl for himself was ruthless and ruthless. At one point, every fan wanted to shout at the TV screen and ask him to go on. His ideal girlfriend expectations were ridiculous and unattainable, even when the most effective matchmaking service failed.

Barney was recognized by many that he was no less compassionate towards women, slandering them, and going on to sleep with them. But what Ted did was even worse because he portrayed their hopes of a relationship that were nowhere near the goal of either of them.

How Can I Win Robin Back?

The purpose of this whole affair was to enlist the help of his kids to ask out Robin. The episode starts as an account of a love story between Ted and Tracy, but Ted wrecks it by implying that he must give up.

Ted's constant obsession with Robin was a boon for his character and the ratings on the show. This way, he obliterated his infinitesimal progress and became transported to season 1, where he decided to marry Robin as soon as he saw her.