Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Early vote flip-flopping! (day 62)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Early vote flip-flopping! (day 62) ...

The nextBig Brother 24eviction program is still three days away, yet houseguests are already putting their minds to the test.

Michael decided to notuse his PoV on Terrance or Alyssa earlier today, guaranteeing that the one of the two will go to jury, bringing Brittany back to an early-game version of herself.

After that, there were the debates about who will win the vote: Brittany, Taylor, Turner, and Monte (remember, he wants Terrance out). Despite Turner's displeasure, she contemplated if she might get out Alyssa this week, Michael next, and then Terrance and Brittany at the final three.

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The four voting members met earlier this evening and discussed the issue. At the very least for now, Terrance will leave on Thursday. Brittany, Monte, and Taylor would all be on board with evicting Alyssa, and Brittany would be the hardest sell of the group. (He can say that he's willing to be flexible, but we'll see it later.)

Terrance is a bigger threat than Alyssa in terms of winning championships, and that is why he is being targeted. Despite playing an isallypassive game, Shell has some jury votes. Alyssa will be next, but this is what they're implying if Michael is vulnerable, hell be a goner.

The former Leftovers were all hilariously reintroduced to each other for a meeting. First, there were all the little lies they were telling each other, then, Alyssa, who appeared very uneasy at the end, realizing immediately what was going on in there.

There is a Labor Day party going on in the house right now. Feeds are down for that.

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