Fans of the Bittersweet Roswell, New Mexico Finale, are optimistic

Fans of the Bittersweet Roswell, New Mexico Finale, are optimistic ...

The Roswell, New Mexico series finale will be spoilers in this article.

The series conclusion of Roswell, New Mexico, which was filmed in 1989, does its best to give viewers hope one last time as we see the main LGBTQ+ couple in the program reach their happy conclusion.

As we watch these two men prepare for this life changing decision, especially Sanders' visit to a nervous Michael, it's a reminder that family does not always have to be blood.

After Michaels adorable speech to the man he loves, watching the actual wedding ceremony with the perfect song in the background is exhausting to say the least. It makes the journey weve been on, including all of the ups and downs, worthwhile. As the couple slow dances and Alex vows to take his husband's last name, there is a sense of satisfaction in each of them.

It's a reminder of how far their lives have come as individuals and as couples. Alex has struggled with being a Manes Man and facing his family's dark legacy since the very beginning, so naming him Guerin as their last name is his way of finally removing himself from that pressure as they begin their adult lives. Their children will never have to endure the same difficulties as their fathers did growing up.

The two newlyweds hold hands before they leave in their newlywed truck for the last time, and it's amazing how quickly they get back to Roswell. Even if we don't know how long or if they'll ever return, all that matters is that they'll have each other as they build a home together.

Kyle (Michael Trevino) and Isobel (Lily Cowles) have had less time than we should with the end of their relationship, but after the big kiss and their one-on-one moment together, we can officially say theyre both satisfied. They have finally admitted that they only have one foot in their relationship, and that they are only beginning to grow together.

After another failed proposal attempt from Liz this time, one has to be heartbroken by how everything unfolds. Would Liz have gone with him rather than staying behind in Roswell? While neither of these characters is out of character, denying it would go against who he is.

Max slips the ring on his finger and Liz shares her belief that love is just a constant state of breaking and remaking. Their love has evolved enough throughout the series that he will return and marry her. So even if we don't get to see it on screen, we can expect them to reunite and begin a new relationship someday.

The hardest part of this series finale might be watching the Pod Squads depart. Max giving Michael his typewriter as a wedding present and telling him that his destiny is with Alex is the ideal way to assure Michael that he will never have to ask for more answers. It's no secret Max has always been known as the protector of those he loves, especially his siblings, and watching him pass his Sheriff badge to Isobel is harrowing.

After you finish the episode, you're left wanting more of the story. You want to see Michael and Alex as fathers in a dad band. You want to see Max return to Liz so they can get married. You want to see what Kyle and Isobel will do next for them now that they've given up so much. It's heartbreaking to lose a show like this, one that is genuine and inclusive to everyone.

Because if this is how things will go to end, I'm glad Michael and Alex got their well-deserved moment, since queer characters and relationships often get overlooked in television shows. It was a smart move to dedicate the entirety of the episode to the individual characters as well as their relationship, while also giving fans as much closure as possible given the unfortunate circumstances. One can only hope that one day, we can produce a film or some sort of special to see where these characters will take us in the future.