MTV is scrambling to find replacements for a teen mother: a family reunion

MTV is scrambling to find replacements for a teen mother: a family reunion ...

Season 2 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion has been hampered by a number of issues.

As reported by The Ashleys Reality Roundup on September 5, the first MTV sent four Teen Mom actors home for fighting, and now filming may be halted because the crew camera, audio, and sound technicians went on strike.

According to The Ashley, MTV is now struggling to find crew members.

According to An Insider, they're basically begging people to come up there. Between the fights, some COVID issues, and now the crew strike, this filming has been plagued with issues. It's a total disaster!

According to a second source, they are frantically looking for [crew members] who would want to fly to Oregon immediately so they may finish the filming and dont have to shut down.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees has also confirmed the strike.

STRIKE FOR LABOR: The TeenMom Family Reunion's Crew is on strike in Oregon to honor their union, according to IATSE.

While the strike continues, IATSE members should refrain from crossing the picket line or providing services to Onsite Productions, according to the writers. If you are approached by this production for services, please notify your business agent immediately.

Briana DeJesus & Ashley Jones Were Sent Home

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Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones, as well as their mothers, Roxanne DeJesus and Pastor Tea, were sent home for fighting the day before the Teen Mom: Family Reunion crew went on strike.

The Ashey first reported on the news just before the strike, according to DeJesus and Jones, who both exchanged a few words.

DeJesus and Jones both admitted that she spit.

DeJesus leaked Jones' pregnancy and accused her of child peril as she was expecting a child.

Both Girls Threatened To Press Charges

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DeJesus threatened to file charges against Jones for spitting at her during their fight.

I was going to keep this secret because it is part of the NDA we all signed, and also bc I am going to file charges, DeJesus wrote. I tried to spare you some grief as u are now pregnant, but I am going to stand by what is right.

Jones said she would file charges against DeJesus, alleging that her co-star threw a glass at her and her mother.

Police ass shit, but Ill see you in court if you want to go there, since you and your mother both tossed glass at me and mine, she wrote.

Both Jones and DeJesus deleted the messages they posted on Instagram after their social media brawl ended.

Jade Cline spoke out about the incident, claiming that DeJesus was not to blame.

Ashley and her mother are slammed by bullies and they lacked knowledge on how to deal with it. Their actions were troubling. Everyone here here is DISGUSTUSTED, according to Cline. For Ashley to spit in someone's face is NASTY. It speaks LEVELS about her character.

After what happened to Bri, she and her mother are not victims, they are aggressors. Cline continued: We as a group did NOT want Ashley or where her mother was set, and everyone here feels for Bri and hates that this happened.

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