The Executive Producer of the Challenge Star Wants to Be Fired: Idiot

The Executive Producer of the Challenge Star Wants to Be Fired: Idiot ...

One cast member of The Challenge: USA has been vocal in his criticisms of several aspects of the program and its production and during a recent Q&A, he called for the firing of long-time executive producer and showrunner Justin Booth.

Leo Temory, an Alum of The Amazing Race, has disclosed his departure interviews and an Instagram Q&A about his experience on The Challenge and criticized production for failing to honor several clauses of his contract. He said the cast members were told that the CBS version of the show would not have pole wrestling or hall brawl due to many of the stars' reservations about these eliminations.

Leo slammed Booth at many points during the Q&A and even included the hashtag firejustinbooth in several responses. In response to one person asking what Booth did, Leo replied, "Justin Booth never came and talked to us ever," but he was the one making all the decisions.

Justin Booth, the executive producer of a s***head, was blasted as an idiot and shared, ask anyone, nobody likes him, old cast or new.

Heavy reached out to CBS for a comment.

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Leo said that many others agreed with him and that the production on their first shows was more hands-on.

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During an interview with Reality Alert, Leo addressed some of his criticism of Booth, telling the co-hosts, "This guy literally would come, be behind the camera, and leave." What kind of producer, production is this? We told them throughout the season, they kept treating us like cattle.

Leo said he spoke with the Survivor alumni and they agreed that it was strange because the producers on their programs would always be available within 10 minutes if anyone needed assistance or questions, and it was the same on The Amazing Race.

The Challenge can become a career for some reality stars, according to him. [Booth] has my number. He can reach out if he wants to talk.

Both Against him and in support of Booth, other challenge stars have spoken out.

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Ruthie Alcaide shared her own thoughts on Booth and the show's producers on his Instagram account Challenge Overdose, which Leos praised. Im not attempting to defy them, just want to mention my personal experience with The Challenge, particularly the last one (All Stars).

I spoke to Booth during the shoot and before we left, when he said hello and I said hi to you for bringing me. She also wants to add that some of the crew members have a special place in my heart.

Another Challenge OG has called out Booth in the past. Trishelle Cannatella previously commented on an Instagram post, "It's possible now that the misogynistic, unethical, and POS Justin Booth is gone I would return [to The Challenge], but it's not likely."

Many people on Instagram criticised the reality star for being sluggish and for complaining, but many others expressed their support for Leos on Reddit, where several spoke up in his defense.