Valkyrae intends to follow Pokimanes' lead and stream a lot less on YouTube

Valkyrae intends to follow Pokimanes' lead and stream a lot less on YouTube ...

Rachell Valkyrae Hofstetter, a YouTube sensation, wants to re-establish herself less often in order to focus on other things that are important to her.

On her secondary Twitter account, the 100 Thieves co-owner talked about it. She said, I love streaming. But I'm trying to live a more active life, focus on health, and do work outside of gaming!

It's not that moving toward retirement is on the way. Instead, shell stream the minimum hours she's required to commit on her contract to live a more balanced lifestyle until an exciting game arrives.

After 8 years of grindin u know, I want to live a more active lifestyle, socialize with friends off the PC, and focus on health! I just want to stream my required hours and concentrate on living a more balanced lifestyle

Valkyrae discussed the topic more during her stream on November 4 and said Pokimanes' decision influenced her. Pokimane actually uploaded a video explaining why she took a break, which honestly resonates with her.

Weve been streaming for so long, and we have been full-time streamers for over eight years, according to the actress. When I first started streaming, I was streaming, I had multiple jobs, and I also streamed nine hours a day, every single day.

The YouTuber soon remarked: It [takes a toll] just sort of [takes a toll, you know?

Her dedication to the grind has been unwavering. She started streaming on Twitch in 2015, five years before switching to YouTube, and has been streaming regularly ever since.

Despite her intention to quit, she intends to stream less often, have each stream planned out rather than grinding them while being starved for content, and focus on quality.

Valkyrae understands that she is fortunate to be able to take the pedal off the metal. I believe I am no longer required to grind streams anymore, since there are a lot of streamers out there who have to grind every single day just to get by.

But, she has put in the effort to make it happen. Although she has no intentions to go out in the sunset anytime soon, she wants to make the journey more enjoyable.