Who Is Galadriel's Brother in 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?'

Who Is Galadriel's Brother in 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?' ...

Finrod, Galadriel's brother, plays a small but significant role in shaping the plot and the motivations for Galadriel's quest to find Sauron in the new episodes released by The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. He also plays a key role in shaping the plot and the motivations for Galadriel's quest to find Sauron in the opening montage of Middle-Earth history. He also serves as the catalyst for Galadriel's mission to uncover Saur

Finrod's Middle-Earth TV and Book Arrival

Finrod, Galadriels brother, plays a significant role in a number of important tales from the First Age of Tolkiens The Silmarillion. As the series shows, he is her older brother, but canonically, she has three older brothers: Angrod, Aegnor, and Finrod, who is her oldest brother. Finrod was actually his uncle, Finarfin, who died in the same fate as his father.

When he finally arrived on Middle-earth, he accomplished a number of tasks that would be significant to the Age's history, as well as some of those that followed. For one, he established one of the greatest Elven kingdoms of the First Age, Nargothrond, which he ruled (apparently) until his death, as well as some influence on his sisters' views of Dwarves in The Lord of the Rings.

The Nauglamir, the timeless necklace that was fashioned by Beren and Elf Luthien using finrods gems from Valinor, was made as a part of his connection with the Dwarves. Later on, it would house the Silmaril taken from the Iron Crown of Morgoth.

Finrod was one of the first elf to form a strong alliance with men.

Finrod was well-known for being the first Elf in Middle-earth to encounter humans, after finding a group of men in the woods one night and playing for them on a harp until they woke, later even teaching them some of the Elvish language of Sindarin on several occasions. His generosity was later paid by the family of the same people he first encountered, as he was cut off and surrounded by Morgoth in the Dagor Bragollach (a catastrophic defeat of the E

Finrod gave Barahir his personal ring, which became a symbol of the house of Barahir, and was worn by his descendants generations after generation, all the way down to King Aragorn himself, and into the Fourth Age. Galadriel would have been devastated by his death, not only because he was her brother, but also because he was her last surviving brother.

Finrod has an interestingly strong connection with crafts and jewelry in the story of The Silmarillion, and it is a touch that is appreciated in the TV series: while the specific artifacts themselves aren't mentioned, Finrod does carry a beautiful dagger designed to look like the Two Trees of Valinor entwined together, which Galadriel takes with her on her journey of vengeance as a tribute to her brother.

Finrod's Eventual Death Came After Being Captured by Sauron

Finrod's death was a direct result of his links with Barahir's family. Beren traveled with Beren and a group of supporters to Nargothrond in recognition of his debt to Barahir. They were discovered by Sauron, and Finrod was executed by a wolf in the process.

Finrod became one of the few people who could be granted reincarnation after death, despite having been separated from his wife Amarie in the first place.

In Tolkiens drafts, a number of different genealogy versions exist, but Finrod has a number of interesting ancestral connections. Gil-galad is the son of Orodreth, who becomes the king of Nargothrond following Finrod's death, thus making Finrod his great-uncle and Galadriel his great-aunt.