The CS:GO world is concerned about a conflict of interest as two Evil Geniuses rosters are attending Fragadelphia

The CS:GO world is concerned about a conflict of interest as two Evil Geniuses rosters are attending ...

Evil Geniuses has announced that it will send multiple Counter-Strike rosters to Fragadelphia 17 in the United States. In a tweet on September 5, the EGs team manager shared that the former Party Astronauts and Carpe Diem teams will participate in the $100,000 tournament, both representing the NA organization.

The tweet caused a stir on Twitter, with many CS:GO followers highlighting the possibility for this Evil Geniuses situation to arise.

There is nothing against anyone from the Davenport University/EG roster, but how can 2-3 teams compete in ONE event even be allowed? 1. If they face each other, there is a conflict of interest2, and if they all place high, they have the possibility to take 60% of prize winnings, according to the explanation.

Daniel sprayxdCS Kogan (coach for ATK) joined the chorus shortly afterwards, highlighting that the organization would win $60,000 if both teams made it through the tournament, and that if Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts faced each other, it would be a conflict of interest.

Muenster, the head coach of Evil Geniuses, replied to the tweet, defending the tournament organizers' decision to allow two teams to participate.

The head coach of the EGs assured fans that there would be absolutely no foul play between the teams.

A spokesman for the University of Michigan said the teams and officials had a lot of conversations.

Frag is one of those rare occasions that we all want to participate in. It was discussed SOLELY with the TO so what should be put out there to protest about? I can assure you and anyone else upset over this that there is absolutely zero chance of foul play. We are all here to have a great time and win.

Kogan retaliates against muenster, arguing that the conflict of interest was still there and pointing out that (the tournament officials) still consider it appropriate to allow that.

Michael Swisher Schmid, a professional Counter-Strike player for ATK, put his foot down and said he completely disagreed with the decision.

Although muensters' words may be true, historically speaking, this type of incident is certainly not uncommon in the Counter-Strike scene.

For the last couple of years, discussions have erupted on whether or not allowing academy teams to participate in tournaments involving non-academy teams of the same organization is competitive.

Prior to this, ESL prohibited academy Counter-Strike teams from participating in tournaments alongside their non-academy counterparts.

The former Brazilian SK team sparked controversy when they participated in a tournament with another Brazilian team, NTC, which sparked a stir in the community. Both teams were permitted to participate, although the academy team rule was used in their decision-making process.

The two North American Evil Geniuses squads are significantly more experienced as far as the calibre of teams that will be present during the event.

Officials from Fragadelphia haven't altered their stance on the issue as of the publication.