What Happened to J.J. Abrams' Multimillion Dollar Project 'Demimonde'?

What Happened to J.J. Abrams' Multimillion Dollar Project 'Demimonde'? ...

J.J. Abrams is well-known for his roles in major blockbusters like Star Wars or Star Trek, but he started to take off in pop culture while working on the television series Alias, which helped him establish himself as an artist, and his involvement in the Lost franchise, which helped him establish himself as an artist.

How the Demimonde Saga Began

Demimonde's whole story began in February 2018, as HBO ordered the program to series, a significant sign of trust in what Abrams was doing (he was one of the program's creators) and the then-forthcoming TV program Lovecraft Country. This is also a continuation of HBO's relationship circa. 2018.

Then...Radio Silence

Demimonde was largely silenced by the media after he was announced as the author and directorial director of the massive blockbuster. His numerous commitments to the film were going to keep him busy for the foreseeable future. However, in September 2019, HBO's parent company WarnerMedia signed a massive first-look agreement with J.J. Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot.

Bash Doran, the show's original showrunner, had resigned from the program shortly after. However, the program would nevertheless be able to secure some new behind-the-scenes talent the following year in the early months of the COVID-19 epidemic. This is when Demimonde secured Kira Snyder, Rand Ravish, and Far Shariat to serve as showrunners for the program.

Demimonde Seemed to Be on Track

Demimonde's stability was reinforced in a June 2021 interview with Abrams, who revealed that a writers room had not just been assembled, but had been hard at work on the film for the last year. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the crew of Demimonde was unable to focus on just the writing.

Abrams was relieved that the entire first season of the program had been written up ahead of time, just as in both of his Star Wars films, where he was rushing to meet a release date. Here, on Demimonde, he was embracing the opportunity to enjoy the program at its finest.

Danielle Deadwyler was announced as the show's protagonist in April 2022, and this is also when concrete plot details began to surface about Demimonde, which will focus on a woman tasked with uncovering a massive conspiracy when she loses her husband and daughter in a scientific catastrophe that sends the duo to another planet. As a cherry on the top, this news also confirmed that Abrams would have some sort of directorial role on the program four years after its announcement.

Then WarnerMedia Was Purchased By Discovery

A month before this casting was announced, a bigger event took center stage around the world. Discovery acquired WarnerMedia. David Zazlav, the CEO of Discovery, was now in charge of all the new media companies at his disposal, including HBO. At every turn, this would be a critical moment in his new approach to this huge-entertainment behemoth.

The total radio silence on the development since this discouraging development indicates that this isnt on the table. The demise of other WarnerDiscovery projects like Batgirl or Chad also served as a warning of what would follow in the months ahead.

Demimonde's years of effort, including lengthy attempts at completing screenplays during the COVID-19 epidemic, ended up being dismissed in the face of HBO's new corporate owners. Perhaps someday Abrams will create new works that repeat the themes of Demimonde or might even reprise some of its plot elements for the foreseeable future.