Pinhead Was Made a Star In Hellraiser, But Don't Forget About This Other Villain

Pinhead Was Made a Star In Hellraiser, But Don't Forget About This Other Villain ...

The Hellraiser franchise and Pinhead (Doug Bradley) go hand in hand. Pain is as essential as pleasure in the soon-to-be eleven films. A striking horror icon that is Demons to some and Angels to others. Slasher villany and overusing his ability to send chained hooks out from the dark into a victim. It loses the earlier sadomasochistic intent.

Julia Cotton (Clare Higgins) might be the best villain in this franchise, from the onscreen adaptation to Clive Barkers' original novella The Hellbound Heart. Julia represents the flawed human who discovers depravity can be so enticing. Not Pinhead nor any of the Cenobites could claim her corrupted mind.

Who is Julia Cotton?

Julia is described as unsatisfied with all aspects of life. Her attitude is unreliable. She is not in contact with her step-daughter Kirsty (Andrew Robinson), who is unreliable. Her object of desire is his brother and drifter Frank (Sean Chapman). Frank, even without his presence, shows the incompetence to Larry.

Julia commits to killing people before launching a hammer into their faces. The forbidden fruit that is Frank grows within reach. When the camera remains on her, a big smile slowly takes over.

Julia's powerful side contributes to her ability to keep hidden secrets. Major set pieces take place within the Cotton house. Larry grows more confused with how to approach his wife. Kirsty starts to believe her stepmother is having an affair. Pinhead and the Cenobites never show up until an hour in. The Cenobites never show up until an hour in. The Cenobites never show up because of their real appearance.

How Does Julia Compare in the Book?

Julia maintains her charm. In the second film, she sees Kirsty as a bleak, bleak-eyed lamb. In Chapter 3, a chillingly lyrical line is shown, as if Julia were never smothered at birth. He creates a monster, too ignorant to comprehend how he severs Julias humanity.

Julia in 'Hellbound: Hellraiser II'

Julia is the main antagonist and in this sequel, characterized by repulsive glamour.

Dr. Channard, the psychiatrist who is directing a psychiatric hospital, observes Kirsty with ulterior motives. After learning of a mattress from the Cotton house, he invites Julia back to enjoy wine. She is transformed into a skinless, scarlet person, tightly wrapped in bandages, and with piercing blue eyes.

Julia uses white and red to depict Frank's coming to an end. She becomes so powerful with her murder weapon that she doesnt get a drop of red on her white blouse. She no longer wants to be the evil queen, either. This time, she mocks Kirsty, saying, "Take your best shot, Snow White!" before giving Kirsty a brief slap. The Cenobites are made into the series villains, but their beliefs are entirely different.

The plot in the original film had Julia ascend to Queen of Hell. From the DVD commentary, Hellbound screenwriter Peter Atkins explained that she was originally supposed to be Freddy Krueger, a human that has soured in the following films. But Higgins's uniqueness is too great to be ignored as a horror icon.