Jamie Tate's fate will be revealed to Kimberly in Emmerdale

Jamie Tate's fate will be revealed to Kimberly in Emmerdale ...

Emmerdale spoilers will follow.

Next week, Emmerdale will revisit the Jamie Tate plot once more as his mother deals with shocking revelations.

Jamie fazed his death last year after accidentally crashing his 4x4 into a lake. He was determined to break all ties with Kim and secured his tracks thanks to Hazel's mother-in-law.

Millie, Jamie's daughter, will be accompanied by Hazel in next week's episodes.

Kim quickly becomes angry when she doesn't show up, but the reason for this becomes clear when she discovers that Hazel has been in an accident.

Hazel explains that Jamie pushed her down the stairs when Kim visits her in the hospital.

Kim can't help but notice what she's hearing, as it dawns on her that Jamie is still alive and that Hazel has always known the truth.

Hazel is worried about the consequences as Kim sternly warns her to explain exactly what Jamie has been up to.

Hazel reveals the details of her time with Jamie & why their secret alliance ended in a split.

Kim calls the cops to report Jamie for attempted murder, taking matters into her own hands.

What will Kim's next move be if she seethes with rage at the lies and lies?

Kim will take center stage in Emmerdale's 50th anniversary episodes in October, according to Emmerdale executives.

As part of the celebrations, Kim's wedding to Will has been named as one of the most significant stories. However, clouds of uncertainty are forming due to Harriet Finch's unresolved feelings for Will and the deadly storm that's expected to hit the village.

Jane Hudson, Emmerdale's executive producer, said recently about the storm: "Everyone is involved. It would be much easier to say who is not." There is Will's wedding, so anyone connected to Kim and Will has a significant role to play."

Hudson added that, "Kim will overhear Harriet declare undying love for Will, so obviously that will spark a lot of fireworks."

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