Today, there are ten rare Pikachu TCG cards and their values

Today, there are ten rare Pikachu TCG cards and their values ...

The majority of Pokemon cards on the market today are from Ash's companion, the famous electric-type Pokemon Pikachu.

Over the years, a ton of variations of this Pokemon have been introduced to the TCG, but not all Pikachu are created equal, and as such some will earn more profit than others.

Here's a look at some of the rarest Pikachu TCG cards on the market if you're looking to expand your collection.

The first English Pikachu card in the TCG game is always going to be the hottest item, and it's no exception with this Base Set shadowless card that costs around $60, with the most costly being the graded PSA 10 version, which costs between $1,000 and $5,000.

Why not include Black Star Promo Birthday Pikachu in your collection if you're looking for something unusual but still within a reasonable price range?

The holographic card that was launched in 2001 will cost you around $600 USD. This card is a must-have for any Pokemon card collector who wants to own everything Pikachu.

The Legendary Collection Reverse Holo Pikachu might be the card for you. This 2002 release features classic artwork alongside a unique holographic pattern.

Previously, a leveled model may be purchased for as much as $4,890.

To get your hands on this rare Pokemon card, you can either pay around $100 USD or up to $6000 USD depending on the deal you find.

Topsun cards were some of the earliest Pokemon TCG cards on the market and have since fallen into obscurity, particularly for collectors.

The prices for this product are variable, as they are notoriously difficult to find, but if you peruse the retail marketplace you may be able to obtain one at a reasonable price.

The Japanese promo cards for Pretend Magikarp and Pretend Gyarados, which are both worth around $1000 each, may fetch even more if they are graded.

If you weren't there at the Hiroshima Pokemon Center, you missed the boat to get your hands on these cards outside of the resale market.

The 20th Anniversary of Pokemon brought collectors a stunning new item featuring everyone's favorite, Pikachu, that sold for just over $2,000 USD.

The original Pikachu card was made in 24-karat-gold, and they have become quite a popular collectors item since they are no longer available.

Another Topsun card that has become extremely rare over the years is the Prism Pikachu card. If you're looking for a graded version of this card a PSA 10 was recently sold for $15,000, so you'll need quite some savings to get your hands on it.

If you like the upgrade, then one of these can be obtained for the low price of $400 USD. However, prices vary, so it's worth looking around to see what you can get.

The 2006 card EX Holon Phantoms Gold Star Pikachu is another rare card that can be obtained for a reasonable price ungraded, but will set you back a substantial amount if you want to add a graded slab to your collection.

Ungraded cards sell for around $450, but at a 10, they have sold for as much as $15,000. Like all items on this list, the price you get will be determined by the number of cards currently on sale, and being such a rare card this might cause difficulties.

Winners at the Pokemon World Championship have previously purchased a number of unique Pikachu promo cards, some of which have gone for an unbelievable price. The most rare of these cards is the Trainer-type card No. 1 Trainer with a Pikachu holding a gold trophy in its art.

We are unable to determine the price of the last four Pokemon World Championship tickets, but for perspective, a No. 2 Trainer card from the Pokemon 2006 World Championship sold in February of 2021 for a whopping $110,100. Having this in mind, it would seem reasonable to expect the first-place card to sell for much more.

One of these rare No. 1 cards is currently on sale on eBay at a PSA 8 for $2 million, but it has yet to sell.

Illustrator Pikachu is by far the most expensive and rarest Pikachu card on the market.

The image on this card was drawn by Pikachus artist Atsuko Nishida for a 1997 Pokemon TCG Illustration Competition; only 24 of them have ever been graded.

If you get your hands on one of these cards graded it can fetch you tens of thousands of dollars.

Logan Paul purchased a PSA 10 version for more than $5 million in February of 2022.