xQc retaliates against Hasan over his Sh*tCamp remarks, saying that he has to evaluate friendship

xQc retaliates against Hasan over his Sh*tCamp remarks, saying that he has to evaluate friendship ...

Felix xQc Lengyel, a Twitch star, has retaliated against Hasan Piker for pointing out that he was avoiding joining ShitCamp 2022 because he was an opportunist who is attempting to make the most of the situation.

xQc had to cancel the event because Sodapoppin decided not to attend. He said he needed someone like Soda to do the job and was deterred by his absence.

Hasan described the late departure of French-Canadian stars as unfathomably horrible because QTCinderella slapped her ass to organize the event, and it was a slap in the face.

xQc declined to accept these criticisms. He instead decided to put his own scathing remarks to rest. He said he's not sure about their friendship.

Hasan is a good friend to others, according to xQc. However, did he take the time to investigate to see if the information he had was correct or true? Did he do a double-check or reach out when something happened? No, he did not.

Hasan, a well-known streamer, believes Hasan assumed the worst because it enabled him to obtain the most money, and accused him of exploiting that opportunity.

Is that someone you want to be a genuine friend with, overlap with all the time, and develop a solid bond with, or is it more a stream and content acquaintance? He said, speaking aloud to his gathered Twitch followers.

A real friend notices a flaw with a friend and they think about it and try to understand it.

However, someone who is more of an opportunist friend who puts opportunities first will do the opposite. They will first look for an opportunity, then work their way up.

The two streamers have been at odds for the first time. In June 2022, xQc ranked Hasan as a B-Tier streamer on his streaming tier list.

xQc said they had a tense connection in the run-up to the incident. And although they had patched things up, the cracks are starting to crack again.