How to Play DIO in JJBA: All Star Battle R Combos, Strategies, and More

How to Play DIO in JJBA: All Star Battle R Combos, Strategies, and More ...

Dio Brando is one of the main antagonists in the JoJo Bizarre Adventure manga and anime. His son Giorno is the main protagonist of JoJo part 5 in All Star Battle R, one based on his appearance in Part 1 and the other on his appearance in Part 3. Part 3 DIO has the overpower Ability called the World.

JoJos Bizarre Adventure Combos and Special Moves for DIO

The front left trigger button (R1 on the DualShock) brings out a Stand, while the latter does not.

  • User/Stand Mode Stop, time! (Special): DIO activates The World, stopping time. This move takes a while to charge and leaves you open. Your Heat Heart Gauge bars will gradually decrease as you remain frozen in time. You exit out of Time Stop once you run out of HH bars. The more HH bars you have available, the time between activation and stopping time is reduced.
  • User Mode An absolute end (Special): DIO slams down a road sign at the opponent.
  • User Mode So close! (Special): Teleports when taking blow or blocking. This move will cost you 2 HH bars.
  • User Mode Right in front of me? (Skill): The World appears to deliver a single strike. The range of this move is determined by what attack button you press.
  • User Mode Ill give you one chance. (Skill):. DIO walks toward the opponent, and if the opponent strikes him as he walks, DIO will deal a counterattack.
  • User Mode Hes gone! (Skill): This is the counterattack that gets triggered if the enemy attacks DIO while performing Ill give you one chance.
  • User Mode Oh, this suits me well! (Skill): DIO grabs onto the opponent, slams them on the floor, stabs them with his bare hand, and proceeds to drain the blood from them. This Skill restores some of DIOs health.
  • User Mode And one more just in case! (Skill): DIO throws a knife.
  • Stand Mode Useless, useless, useless, useless (Skill): DIO summons The World to hit his opponent with a barrage of fists. The range of this attack depends on what attack button you press.
  • Stand Mode My Stands full power! (Skill): Its the same as Useless, useless, useless, useless, except its in the air and is unleashed in a diagonally downward direction.
  • Stand Mode This is The World! (Skill): DIO uses The World to Stop Time and teleport to deliver a powerful strike to the opponent. The move is unblockable, and the teleportation distance is determined by what attack button you press.
  • User/Stand Mode Scared, are you (HHA): You need to use two HH bars to perform this Heart Heat Attack. DIO uses a roundhouse kick to throw his opponent.
  • User/Stand Mode Its a steamroller! (GHA): You need three HH bars to perform this Great Heat Attack. DIO Stops Time and drops a steamroller on top of his enemy. He then starts hitting the steamroller until it explodes.

DIO's Skills and Specials do a lot of damage, and he's best in near mid-range combat. But he also has decent projectiles like And one more just in case, so dont worry too much if your opponent moves away from you. Time Stop abilities are extremely versatile, capable of closing the gap between yourself and your opponent, and can be used in conjunction with his other combos. However, using Time Stop will drain your Heat Heart Gauge Bar, which you may want to keep.