Shogun, the director of PRISM Projects, outlines where he expects the VTuber industry to go in the next ten years

Shogun, the director of PRISM Projects, outlines where he expects the VTuber industry to go in the n ...

Shogun conducts a public appearance on the topic of the VTuber industry, the company he is working for, and some personal concerns. In this Reddit AMA, Shogun answered a question about the VTuber industry's future, specifically, where he believes the VTuber industry is heading.

Shogun made a reference to a popular anime, Sword Art Online, claiming that inexpensive wearables will allow greater interaction in a virtual space.

He added that he expects to see virtual talent enter the physical talent space more often. Currently, the best we can see the virtual talents in their actual form is when they will wear motion capture equipment to breathe life into their VTuber models.

This means that the talents should not only be VTubing, but also be able to engage in other activities other than content creation and streaming, whether it be voice-over work, radio work, or voice acting. PRISM seems to be putting an emphasis on taking care of its talents as it matures. We aim to create an environment that does not, and will not, allow people to draw lines because you are just a VTuber.

The limitations of the VTuber industry have been clarified from the start. They are streamers living behind the screen with anime avatars who can't really reveal themselves and interact with their fans the way normal streamers do, at least physically. The PRISM Project is aware of this and seems to want to exploit the technological advances currently being made in the AR and VR fields to break this barrier.

This AMA discusses what happens in the background of PRISM, including the company's anticipated acceptance rate, the manner in which a talent is harassed, and what it expects from a VTuber audition. Click here to learn more about Shogun and PROJECT Prism.

Shogun is the producer of the PRISM Project, a Sony Music Entertainment Japan subsidiary. The PRISM Project is a Japanese-based VTuber agency that has been around since January 12, 2021. It is made up of 12 musicians, with an audition currently underway for the next generation.