Fans of The Capture episode 3 are surprised by a shocking twist

Fans of The Capture episode 3 are surprised by a shocking twist ...

The spoilers for Capture are below.

On Sunday night (4 September), BBC viewers were surprised when the second season of The Capture took a darker turn.

When the shooter tracked down DS Patrick Flynn (Cavan Clerkin) while he was recuperating from a gunshot wound while protecting Gregroy Knox.

Flynn was assassinated and the killers removed all traces of themselves from the crime scene, eliminating all evidence from the crime scene.

Flynn was the only person who could have identified the shooters, but they again fell through the net before he could reveal who they were.

After it appeared that Flynn would slowly recover safely in the hospital, viewers were surprised by the violent turn of events.

Ben Chanan, the series' creator and writer, admitted that he did consider killing Flynn from the previous series, but he brought the character back for the second series because fans loved him.

Before the second series aired, he told the Radio Times and other media: "I think I probably considered [doing away with the character]."

"But you know, we all admire Patrick. We all have that in common. He's just wonderful. I think it's wonderful to see Ginny [Holder, who plays DI Nadia Latif] and Cavan back."

"It did cross my mind, but I'm glad I didn't," the writer said.

Chanan killed the fan-favorite character three episodes into the new series...and there may come even more shocking departures...

As the series progresses, DCI Rachel Carey actress Holliday Grainger revealed that her character's life will also be in jeopardy as she begins to investigate Flynn's death.

"For her [Carey] it starts with a murder, and gradually, it just becomes deeper and deeper. The more she divulges, the greater the stakes for her and her own lives.

"Thank God she took these self-defence classes," says the narrator.

The Capture will air on BBC One on Monday 5th September at 9pm.

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