Fortnitemares is returning to Fortnite Save the World

Fortnitemares is returning to Fortnite Save the World ...

Save the World will now receive less damage from weapons, abilities, and traps thanks to the vast and invisible energy that surrounds them. To stand a chance against Husks now, Epic Games has introduced the Short Range modifier.

The Dire Wolfy Business questline and dungeons have returned once more, with Swamp Knight, Mermonster Ken, and Chaos Agent providing additional rewards for overcoming mist Monsters.

Fortnitemares is returning to Save the World, allowing you to collect Fortnitemares Llamas for a limited time. On top of that, there is a Jack-O-Launcher reward for naming three Legendary Fortnitemares survivors into the Collection Book.

Epic is also introducing a Crossmark Operative Pack that will give you more than enough essential equipment to battle empowered Husks. The Crossmark Operative Pack will include:

  • Nia Outfit
  • Critical Carryall Back Bling
  • Crossmark Cudgel Pickaxe