The captain of Modern Warfare 2 reveals which football team he supports

The captain of Modern Warfare 2 reveals which football team he supports ...

Through the Campaign, players will be sure to become closer to the main characters, but the actor for Captain Prices has already revealed the characters' favorite football team.

With both Warzone and Vanguard in their final seasons, Modern Warfare 2 is just around the corner. Players are looking forward to diving into the Campaign with early access.

Players will follow Captain Price, who is arguably the most famous character in any Call of Duty campaign, as well as other well-known characters like Ghost, Soap, and the rest of Task Force 141.

The plot of Modern Warfare 2's Campaign, which is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare (2019), is unclear, at least until now.

Captain Price actor Barry Sloane shared information about the character's personal life, giving fans a good bit of information and further insight into the character's personal life.

Barry Sloane replied, Captain Price is a Liverpool fan. #CaptainPrice #ModernWarfare2.

Price is a Liverpool supporter. #CaptainPrice #ModernWarfare2

It's nothing major, but it does add more depth to Captain Price and strengthens his bond with the character even further, as Barry Sloane supports the same club as he does.

Barry answered many other Twitter questions about the character, providing depth and understanding about what Captain Price likes to do in his free time, He loves to fish. He is also currently working on a self-help book.

Barry Sloanes has answered even more questions like what Captain Price eats before a mission and his favorite condiment with Bacon.

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Activision has given credit for their image.