The Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular 2022 Timed Research: How to Complete & All Rewards

The Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular 2022 Timed Research: How to Complete & All Rewards ...

Here's how to do it and all of the rewards you'll receive for the 2022 Psychic Spectacular event in Pokemon GO!

Every Pokemon GO event adds a variety of new content to the game. Some of the most exciting of these are Research Tasks.

The 2022 Psychic Spectacular event will add Timed Research which every Pokemon trainer may complete as well as the fantastic limited-time Field Research Tasks.

Here's how to complete the Psychic Spectacular 2022 Timed Research as well as all of the rewards you'll receive for fulfilling each one of the tasks in it.

Before you go on a Pokemon-catching adventure, discover all of the wild Pokemon spawns during the Psychic Spectacular event!

All Tasks & Rewards in Pokemon GO's Psychic Spectacular 2022 Research

Timed Research in Pokemon GO is a great way to train players to throw lots of curveballs. All of the rewards are Elgyem encounters.

Players will need to complete a staggering 42 curveball throws in order to receive all of the rewards. Luckily, you have until the end of the Psychic Spectacular event to complete this objective.

In the Pokemon GO 2022 Psychic Spectacular Research, these are all of the curveball throw tasks you must complete.

Field Research TaskPokemonImage
Make 5 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 10 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 15 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 20 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 25 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 30 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 35 Curveball ThrowsElgyem
Make 42 Curveball ThrowsElgyem

You'll receive another Elgyem encounter, 30 Pokeballs, and 15 Great Balls as rewards for successfullycompleting all of the tasks in the Psychic Spectacular Timed Research.

Reward ImageCompletion Reward
Elgyem Encounter
30 Pokeballs
15 Great Balls

The event has also introduced a new set of Raid bosses. This is every Pokemon from Raids during the Psychic Spectacular event.

While you're out doing research, you can also make some eggs. Discover every Pokemon in the new 7km Psychic Spectacular event Egg.