In Genshin Impact, who is the unidentified God? Her real name, true identity, theories

In Genshin Impact, who is the unidentified God? Her real name, true identity, theories ...

At the start of Genshin Impact, an Unknown God separates the Traveler siblings. In this article, we discuss Paimon's real name, true identity, and theories claiming that she is the Unknown God.

The very first cutscene in Genshin Impact begins with a female god confronting you and your sibling. She declares, Outlanders, your journey ends here, and separates the siblings.

This short scene allows us to conclude that this Unknown God is not only powerful, but also essential to reuniting the children. Despite the fact that the Genshin Impact lore has advanced significantly in the previous two years, we still have no official information on this god, her real name, or her real name.

The community is well-known for its innovative theories, and here's all you need to know about the Unknown God in Genshin Impact.

Please be aware that this article may contain story spoilers.

In Genshin Impact, the unidentified God's actual name is

The Unknown God in Genshin Impact is named Asmoday, which is most likely her name. In the aforementioned cutscene, she also calls herself Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. Asmoday is most likely to be the official name for many gamers.

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All Archons in Genshin Impact are named after demons from The Lesser Key of Solomon, and Asmoday is no exception. Her name appears to be inspired by Asmodeus, who was one of the nine Kings of Hell in the grimoire.

Kiana is often referred to as the Unknown God in the community, because she looks quite similar to KianaKaslana, the Herrscher of the Void character from HoYoverse/miHoYo's famous game.

Is Paimon the Unknown God in Genshin Impact?

Paimon is not as absurd as this sounds, but many Genshin Impact theories suggest that the Unknown God is Asmoday. Apparently, Paimon and the celestial being have many similarities.

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Paimon and the Unknown God have white hair and similar outfits. The Unknown God may accompany the Traveler as Paimon because it is evidently the finest disguise and the sibling will never mistrust their constant travel companion.

Paimon isn't the Unknown God, but it's fairly unlikely to assume that she has godly abilities. She can regulate time (confirmed by the clock feature in the Paimon menu). Moreover, in a quest, we discover that she remembers a conflict that occurred around 1000 years ago, suggesting that she's as old as some of the archons.

Paimon is a demon name that makes him the King of Hell in Ars Goetia. Archons in action RPGs like Venti (Barbatos) and Zhongli (Morax) have demon names and Paimon might be one of them.

Apart from the fact that the Traveler met her at the beginning of their journey in Mondstadt, we know absolutely nothing about Paimons' origin.

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