Fans of Modern Warfare 2 want Infinity Ward to steal a clever feature from Battlefield 2042

Fans of Modern Warfare 2 want Infinity Ward to steal a clever feature from Battlefield 2042 ...

Players are clamoring for Infinity Ward to include a specific Battlefield 2042 feature in the sequel, which is coming soon.

Modern Warfare 2 will have new campaigns, maps,movement mechanics, and game-changing water design improvements.

There may be a great deal of content that hasn't been officially revealed yet by the developers. Players are hoping that Infinity Ward will draw on Battlefield 2042 by adding a clever feature.

DICE has included a new option to Battlefield 2042's accessibility menu that allows you to change the screen effect of Concussion Grenades and Flashbangs. You can choose to keep it white or to change it to black.

The white flash will be replaced with a blackout effect that covers the screen in darkness for a few seconds. This post was reviewed by a Reddit user who expressed their desire to see it included in Modern Warfare 2.

Concussion Grenades and Flashbangs make the screen white to simulate a bright flash, but this can pose problems for players who are sensitive to light, such as headaches. The Concussion Effect option reduces the likelihood of that happening.

One user in this Reddit thread stated that Flashbangs can be quite painful, especially when playing in a dark room. They then stated that being able to modify the effect would be a great feature to have.

Another commenter stated that the Concussion Effect option should be included in all games. This feature would be extremely beneficial to players who are sensitive to the light.

It remains to be seen if the MW2 developers intend to include a Concussion Effect adjustment in the games settings at some point. If they do, please let me know.

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