In the leaked Divided Moon map, Apex Legends players see a new transportation system

In the leaked Divided Moon map, Apex Legends players see a new transportation system ...

Apex Legends players have discovered a new transportation system in the leaked images of the Season 15 map that was supposed to be released.

Since it was first released, Apex Legends has provided four different Battle Royale maps for players to play on, and leaks suggest that Season 15 will include a new one, called Divided Moon.

Through a gameplay leak that sparked worldwide speculation, players got a peek at the unfinished version of this location. Now, the Apex Legends community has identified a transportation system that might be on the map.

shocker_103, a Reddit user, shared an incomplete Divided Moon map and outlined what appeared to be a route for some form of transportation. It has curves and runs towards the nearby hills.

The Redditor claims that this new system will be similar to Gondolas, which are moving platforms that players may board at certain POIs on Worlds Edge. These move at a moderate speed across the map.

Many commenters had their own opinions on what this new transportation system might be, with a few players suggesting that Divided Moon will include a train similar to the one from Worlds Edge.

raidenderdaweilt, a Redditor, has stated that they're hoping this is the case; otherwise, they'd be happy if Respawn adds a zipline that you can use to get around the map in no time.

Due to the elevated position of the tracks, a few users claimed that the trains were removed from Worlds Edge because they required too much open clear space for the tracks. However, this appears to be a problem in this leaked map.

One player clarified that this is Respawn's attempt at eliminating the trains that would otherwise be amiss. They originally removed them due to lack of cover, but it's nice to know that they're solving problems rather than removing them.

Regardless, it is worth keeping in mind that this is all speculation based on leaks, and there's no way to know for certain whether or not this will be included in the game. I'll wait for a formal announcement from Respawn to confirm.

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Respawn Entertainment has given us some images.