In the September 5 update, Battlefield 2042 will get another popular Bad Company 2 rifle

In the September 5 update, Battlefield 2042 will get another popular Bad Company 2 rifle ...

The Battlefield 2042s Portal brings content from previous Battlefield games to 2042, and with Season 2 now live, DICE has brought over a fan-favorite sniper from Bad Company 2.

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 has finally arrived after a lengthy wait. The update includes new weapons, the Charlie Crawford Specialist, and the brand-new Stranded map. The AEK-971 has also been released on Battlefield Portal.

DICE has added another fan-favorite Bad Company 2 weapon to Battlefield Portal, the M95 Sniper, on September 5. Here's all you need to know about the weapon and how to unlock it.

In Battlefield Bad Company 2, the M95 Sniper Rifle was a popular pick among those who loved long-range sniping. The.50 Cal M95 Barret had the best one-shot kill range and excellent bullet penetration.

The M95 has now joined other Bad Company 2 weapons in Portal, such as the M416, GOL Sniper Magnum, and XM8 Prototype.

As of September 5, DICE has begun moving classic weapons such as the M16A3 and M60 over to All Out Warfare, so there's every possibility you'll be able to use the M95 in normal mode someday.

In Battlefield 2042 Portal, how do I unlock the M95 Sniper Rifle?

In Battlefield 2042 Portal: Battlefield 2042, complete both of these challenges to unlock the M95.

  • Headshot Kills (50)
  • Earn Intel Ribbons (50)

In Battlefield 2042, unlocking the M95 Barret Sniper Rifle is not too difficult, as you only need 50 Headshot kills and 50 Intel Ribbons. After playing for a while, you should get the 50 headshot kills, and make sure to ping as many enemies as possible to earn Intel Ribbons.

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