Players in Warzone Pacific are calling for a change to the lazy Season 5 meta

Players in Warzone Pacific are calling for a change to the lazy Season 5 meta ...

Season 5 of Warzone Pacific brought significant changes to the game's weapons, and players are urging the designers to improve the new lazy meta.

Themetain Warzone Pacific was boosted by new weapons, such as theRA 225 SMG, while bringing significant balancing changes to numerous existing rifles.

In the new season, weapons like the PPSh-41 and UGM-8 have become more viable options. However, some in the Warzone community are dissatisfied with the new meta.

BarryAllen94, a Reddit user, complained about these changes in the Warzone Pacific subreddit, and described the Season 5 meta as clunky. They explained that this is because the new meta weapons are now too easy to control.

Both the PPSh and the UGM-8 do not require any holding down or anything to control them, as Redditor says. It just stands there like it did not just shoot 125 rounds.

In the Season 5 update, the PPSh-41's hip fire penalty was reduced, and the weapon's damage range was increased. As a result, the weapon is able to beam effectively enemies in medium-range combat.

Now, the weapon is so powerful that it has become a popular choice for content creators like FaZe Booya. However, some players feel that it is too powerful and extremely difficult to counteract.

One commenter described the PPSh as broken and explained that they will not be able to react when confronted by an enemy who uses this weapon. Other players advised them to try the Type 100 in order to combat this weapon.

The Season 5 meta, while criticized by some players, is a significant improvement over what was previously reported. One user claimed that it was significantly worse in Season 4.

They explained that the PPSh meta was horrible in the previous season, and this was because no other SMG was feasible at the time. Although PPSh is still the top-tier in Season 5, there are still a few other weapons that can compete against it.

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