For every version of Incredibox, the game beats every beat

For every version of Incredibox, the game beats every beat ...

Incredibox, an acapella game built by beatbox, features beats, melodies, and voices, lets you experiment with a lineup of musicians and customize them in ways you like. This way, you may modify outfits, sounds, and the musical theme for each.

Do you want to play something with Indian influences? Then run upversion seven, Jeevan. Or perhaps something Japanese? Then open up Alive. You may even play music with Dystopia's sci-fi soundtracks. Each version is its own musical melting pot, allowing you to create original tunes.

Despite the fact that beats are the foundation of most music, it is important to know which sounds each makes, and how to recognise them based on their outfits. Thats why weve created a list of Incredibox beats so you can pick which version you want to play, and discover any specific sound you are looking for.

here are all of the incredibox beats:


Here are the Incredibox beats for version one, Alpha, shown from left to right:

  • Lead:beatboxes with occasional humming
  • Deux:offbeat beatbox with a helicopter sound
  • Kosh:breathing and tongue clicking sounds
  • Shpok:poppingwithsnare sounds inbetween
  • Tom:saysduggady duddagy duggady du

Little Miss

Little Miss's Incredibox beats, pictured from left to right, are shown here:

  • Boom:wears a zipped jacket and makes a boom boom boom sound
  • Kashi:wears a letterman jacket, clicks, inhales through teeth, and makes cymbal sounds
  • Paomeu: wears a hoodie and acid beatboxes, interspersed with clicks
  • Ptttpeu:wears a gilet and beatboxes, with emphasis oncymbal sounds
  • Slupett:wears a pendant and says du dum bu dum car dum dum dum followed by inhale


Here are the Incredibox beats for version three, Sunrise, shown from left to right:

  • Ballet:wears headphones and says ch-ka-ch, ch-ka-pchch
  • Kick: wears a baseball cap and repeats a bass drum sound
  • Snare:wears a record around his neck and makes a snare sound
  • Lead: wears goggles and does standard beatboxing
  • Charley:wears sunglasses and mixes inhaling with cymbal and ka sounds

The Love

Here are the Incredibox beats for version four, The Love, shown from left to right:

  • Kick:wears a robot helmet and makes a kick drum sound
  • Snare:wears a baseball cap and makes an offbeat pssh drum sound
  • Touti:wears a neck scarf and makes doo-di-doo-di sounds
  • Charley: wears headphones and makes cymbal tap sounds
  • Chatom:wears a straw hat and says doop-di-di-do-doop followed by a sound like a can opening


Here are the Incredibox beats for versionfive, Brazil, shown from left to right:

  • Poum:wears a hat with a bird on and makes a kick beat sound
  • Creuki:has a star on his cheek and makes a cabasa instrument sound
  • Shaka:wears a headband and mixes cymbal and ka sounds
  • Chouk:wears ahat and says chikit tuku chikit tuku
  • Kaliak:wears a visor hat and says yakakaiya yakeekaiya


Here are the Incredibox beats for version six, Alive, seen from left to right:

  • Kick:wears a baseball cap with a Japanese flag and makes kick beat sounds with afast and slow pattern
  • Snare:wears a Happi coat and makes repeated cymbal sounds followed by snare strike
  • Kanye:wears a bear hat and makes a continuousdrum beat
  • Tuctuc:wears a mask which clicks as the neck is turned, possible reference to the Kodama in Princess Mononoke
  • Break:wears a blue visor and does a slow drum roll around the kit


Here are some of the Incredibox beats for versionseven, Jeevan, shown from left to right:

  • Lead:wears a turban and beatboxes, mixing hand drum and cymbal sounds
  • Pouin:wears a bindi on his forehead and makes a chiki-chuku-pouin sound
  • Tung:wears beads around his neck and mixes beeping with snare sounds
  • Tabla:wears aviator sunglasses and makes ding sounds
  • Tuduki:wears a pheta and makes a du du kit sound


Here are the Incredibox beats for versioneight and Dystopia, shown from left to right:

  • Atlanta:wears a gas mask and mixes an electronic click with a kick beat sound
  • Tuctom:looks like Hal from Space Odyssey and makes electronic drum kit sounds
  • FouBreak:wears a one-eyed mask and does muffled beatboxing with a drumroll
  • Koukaki:wears a glass dome with a pyramid and makes tongue clicking sounds
  • Koungou:wears a face visor and saysgukun gukun gukun gukun

And that's every beat! You can find Incredibox on Google Play and the App Store.