Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs star in Harry Potter's teaser reunion

Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs star in Harry Potter's teaser reunion ...

In London's West End, Harry Potter lovers were treated to a little Malfoy family reunion.

Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the eight fantasy films, took to Instagram to share a picture with his onscreen father, actor Jason Isaacs.

The Sex Education star, who was previously seen in Mass, is well-known to the fans for portraying Draco's dutiful father Lucius in Harry Potter's second film.

Felton captioned his selfie with Isaacs, indicating Draco's adroitness in the films.

Tom Felton (@t22felton) has shared a post.

Posters for Felton's performance at the Criterion Theatre, 2:22 A Ghost Story, are visible in the background. The thriller play also stars Doctor Who's Mandip Gill.

Canyon del Muerto will feature as archaeologist Earl H Morris, according to the actor. Produced this year on the festival circuit, the film follows Ann Axtell Morris (Abigail Lawrie), one of America's first female archaeologists.

In a biopic for ITV directed by Jeff Pope, Isaacs will play Cary Grant, a Hollywood charmer who went on to become the household name. Isaacs is excited to portray the man who shaped the legend.

"Jeff's superb scripts show his relentless struggle to defy the demons that plagued him, his obsessive desire for control, his anxieties, his weaknesses, his loves, and his losses. It's the story of a man, not a legend, and those are shoes I'll want to walk in."

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