The Walking Dead star responds to the series' coming to an end

The Walking Dead star responds to the series' coming to an end ...

Eleanor Matsuura, a Walking Dead actress, has addressed the program's coming to an end, admitting that it hasn't really sunk in yet.

The final season 11 episodes of the long-running series are expected next month, after which we will have to say our final goodbyes.

The Yumiko actress who has shot her final scenes along with the rest of the cast described the ending of the program as "really bizarre."

"I don't know if it has [sunk in] actually, you know?" she said. "I just keep half-expecting that I'll return to Georgia next year to continue shooting because that's been such a big part of my life for the last four years.

"So it's weird." I have a feeling that I might not process it for a while. I'll wake up in five years' time and be like, 'Oh, wow. The Walking Dead is really done! OK.'

"Everyone kept asking us, 'How does it feel to finish?' She replied, "No, it does not feel strange yet, because we're still inflight."

"Even though filming-wise we have landed the plane, we haven't shown the last eight episodes yet. I still feel like we're kind of in it." I'm not sure that I've fully begun the process of saying my final goodbyes. Maybe it'll hit me in about five years," says the author.

Yumiko may be heading in that direction, of course, the program will continue with a number of spin-offs.

Matsuura admits, "Truthfully, I don't know." "I just don't know," she said. "I mean, for respect to my character I've loved playing Yumiko for the last four years, and she's been amazing, I'd love that."

"I like the idea of her having this other life, or for fans to get to see a different side of her, whether it's a pre-story or a future story. Who knows? That's exciting to any actor.

"But on the other hand, I sort of feel like maybe it's okay to leave her in that world. Like you said, there are so many spinoffs. I'm certain fans will be pleased with all of the content they receive."

"I played her for a long time, and only her for a long time," said the actress, who added that she was likely "totally ready to say goodbye to her for a bit."

"I would never say never," says the author, but nothing is planned at the time.

I Used to Be Famous will be available on Netflix beginning on September 16th and AMC in the United Kingdom. The Walking Dead season 11 will air on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.