In Ooblets, how do you make potions?

In Ooblets, how do you make potions? ...

Once grown on your personal farm, the Ooblet creatures become your dance-based combatants, farmhands, and pets. You bear the responsibility of ensuring that the Ooblet creatures stay healthy and healthy, as well as assisting them in their growth or shrinkage by letting them drink a variety of effect-causing beverages.

How to make Ooblets potions

Wilba, a crafty witch, lives in the Nullwhere marshes. Shell promises you her services in potion-brewing.

Wilba runs a small market stall outside her hut in the heart of the swamp where she makes and sells unique effects. The two potions on tap are the Essence of Embiggening, which triples the size of the recipient Ooblet you use it on, and the Tincture of Tinying, which reduces the size of the recipient Ooblet to a third.

Wilba is extremely resourceful in her craft, rather than imposing a burden on you. Instead, both potions require a payment of two Gembers per dose, which is easily available in the swamps.