VPR Star Ripley Was Accused of Using Exs Name for Ads

VPR Star Ripley Was Accused of Using Exs Name for Ads ...

Scheana Shay and her husband Brock Davies wed in August 2022 in a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Summer Moon Honey Davies is a 1-year-old daughter.

The newlyweds were referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Brock Honey Davies at the ceremony, but Scheana has retained her last name, Shay, which is her ex-husband's last name.

According to People, Scheana Marie Jancan was born in 2014. After marrying her first husband, Mike Shay, she legally changed her name to Scheana Shay.

Scheana told The Daily Dish that although her divorce was finalized, a second marriage would completely change that. When and if I get remarried, I would absolutely adopt my new husband's last name, she said in 2017.

Scheana used the Shay name for a discount code for a partnership campaign for @greenchef. Click here for $135 off! Use the code SHAY135, according to her Instagram post.

Scheana Shay was chastised on social media for continuing to use Mike Shay's last name to promote goods.

Viewers reacted to a photo of Davies wearing a white robe as he prepared food from the organic meal delivery company in a Reddit thread. Several respondents thought it was odd to see Scheana's ex-husbands name being the discount code on a photo of her current husband.


I DIE that her code is still SHAY - why not have switched to Scheana??! This is so weird, according to one Redditor.

She's married to him, but she's still using her surname from before? Cringe! another chimed in.

Others expressed concern for Davies and Scheanas' ex-husband.

Im not a big fan of the dude, but could you imagine getting married and later that very week your wife posts use code shay for $135 off!!!! WHAT.A.JOKE, one commenter wrote.

One writer claims she felt bad for Michael Shay, who she dragged all over the show.

If I was Shay, I would be pretty p***ed. Scheanas is no longer his wife, she dragged him. Ditch the name, another agreed.

This is so cruel and disrespectful to Michael as well as Brock. Schenaer is f***ed up for this code. Brock is giving me submissive vibes and doesnt know himself by agreeing to this. Im praising you Michael Shay, another writer.

Brock Davies Was referred to as Mr. Shay previously by Scheana.

Scheana's Scheananas With Scheana Shay Podcast has had a number of issues in the past. When she was a patient in Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, a nurse mistakenly called Brock Mr. Shay. The nurse also referred to baby Summer as the Shay baby.

Scheana explained to supporters at the time that Shay is my stage name. I do want to change it now that Summer has Brocks'.

Scheana is only mentioned on her Instagram page and Twitter.