At the Venice Premiere, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Florence Pugh dazzle with stunning looks

At the Venice Premiere, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, and Florence Pugh dazzle with stunning looks ...

Dont Worry Darling, a film that has waited for a decade, was premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 5th, and all of the main cast were there to witness the premiere. Florence Pugh was absent from the press panel for the film, according to reports.

At the red carpet premiere, director Olivia Wilde swooped in a stunning yellow outfit, joined by her co-stars, including boyfriend Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and Florence Pugh.

Styles and Wilde did not arrive at the red carpet meeting together, nor did they pose together at the premiere.

Florence Pugh dominated the stage at the premiere of Dont Worry Darling, wearing a Valentino outfit. She did not appear alongside the director or her co-star Harry Styles during the event. Florence was seen bonding with her Marvel co-star Gemma Chan on the red carpet. The grandmother of the actress was also invited to attend the event with her.

Olivia talked about the ongoing conflict surrounding her film and her and Pugh's relationship, in particular, saying: "Were so glad she'll make it tonight even though she's in production. I dont feel like I need to contribute to that."

Olivia Wilde claims to be in a deep love with Harry Styles; they talk about keeping their romantic past private.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have been extremely quiet about their relationship, and the actress-director recently expressed why the duo prefers to keep their relationship private. She also directed Styles in her next film Dont Worry Darling, and spoke about the challenges of being in a public relationship.

Olivia and Harry never admitted their relationship publicly, but paparazzi pictures of the duo confirmed their relationship. At the same time, Wilde said in a recent interview with Variety, she will not say anything about it because Ive never seen the relationship benefit from being pulled into the public arena.

Olivia explains that her separation from ex Jason Sudeikis and the creation of a new relationship with Harry was a process of restructuring and change, which she describes as personal.

When she was criticized for dating a younger guy and being the target of unfair labels, she also opened up about the same thing: Ive never seen anyone say that about a guy. And if he is with his kid, he's a goddamn hero.

In a conversation with Rolling Stone, Styles, who will play Florence Pugh in Olivias second directed film after Booksmart, the singer recently described it as a difficult experience to see the negative comments directed against him.