Vinny Panesar of EastEnders was left heartbroken by Dotty and Finlay

Vinny Panesar of EastEnders was left heartbroken by Dotty and Finlay ...

EastEnders spoilers will be released soon.

Vinny is still head over heels for Dotty in EastEnders, but even though viewers are aware that she hasn't been feeling as strongly as he does, he is set to discover that out for himself in scenes to air next week on the BBC soap.

When Dotty and Finlay bond over their fathers, Vinny discovers a very suspicious exchange.

Vinny's jealous streak is gone in no time as he loses his cool and lashes out at Finlay, punching him in the process.

Ash takes it on himself to try and calm Vinny down, offering him some words of advice that he believes will help to calm the situation.

What neither of them realizes is that Dotty and Finlay have really heated up, and the pair have slept together, with Dotty being forced to do the walk of shame across the Square.

Bernie notices Dotty as she leaves and has a conversation with her, encouraging her to be honest with Vinny and to refrain from implying that there is more between them than there is really.

Bernie isn't the only one to offer advice; Rocky takes the time to encourage Dotty to do the right thing.

Dotty confesses everything, including that she and Finlay have slept together, following Bernie and Rocky's advice.

Vinny is devastated when he learns the story, and Finlay's arrival does not help to make things better; it only ends up making everything worse.

Vinny takes Dotty out of the house and declares that he wants nothing more to do with her.

Will Dotty be able to find a way to correct Vinny's problems?

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