Which Skyrim house is the finest to own?

Which Skyrim house is the finest to own? ...

Skyrim offers a wide range of options to the player during its long playthrough, from world-shattering events and local conflicts to more simple things like where to sleep and who your companions will be. And thats not even including character-building choices that youll have to make at a certain point. To break up your lives and take a piece of Skyrim for your own, you will need to select a house (or many).

Best house to own in Skyrim

There are several very appealing options to settle down in. There are a few that you will get for free or for a nominal payment. Then there are the very high-end ones that will cost you an arm and a leg. However, sometimes you have to invest to get the best out of anything.

Our suggestion for Skyrim is somewhere in the middle of the road, but we think your best bet would be to choose Lakeview Manor. This house, like the name suggests, is situated near Falkreath, more precisely southwest of the village of Riverwood. There is only one caveat to this choice: the Hearthfire DLC must be purchased.

Lakeview Manor is technically a homestead, which in game terms means that you are purchasing a charter from a Jarl, who then allows you to construct the property from the ground up. Thats what makes it the greatest, as well as the amazing location. The price of getting a house that you like is well worth it.

Once your Dragonborn arrives at Lakeview charter lands, you will find that all there is to it is a drafting table, an anvil, and some supplies. You will need to take all of it and hire help to construct the Skyrim house of your dreams.

Lakeview Manor comes with a few staff members of its own, including the bard Llewellyn the Nightingale who will move in shortly. There's Gunjar, the carriage driver, and, last but not least, Rayya, a Redguard housecarl, who is there to defend the property.

Other considerations

There are other houses that might have been considered the best. What they have against them by a small margin is that some of them require a DLC, some arent that great, some are super expensive, or their locations arent as ideal:

  • Severin Manor: Morrowind aesthetic, and its free! A bit small though.
  • Hjerim: found in Windhelm, its arguably the biggest house you can get.
  • Proudspire Manor: this Solitude villa is the most expensive piece of real estate in Skyrim.
  • Honeyside: homey and best pick for crafters, found in Riften.
  • Windstad Manor: if youre looking for another homestead with more of a tundra aesthetic.