Rockstar thanks developers for their efforts in Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 6 fans are assured that the reveal will be released shortly

Rockstar thanks developers for their efforts in Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 6 fans are assured that the  ...

Rockstar Games thanked each developer who worked on Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online in a post, gamers of the video game series became convinced that a GTA 6 reveal is on the way.

TheGTAfanbase has been keeping an eye on official announcements since Rockstar Games officially announced that GRAnd Theft Auto 6 is in the works.

Weve discovered possible details about the games main characterandlocation through numerous leaks and reports. Now, players are certain that the developers are planning an official reveal for GTA 6.

On September 2, Rockstar Games issued a statement recognizing over 5,000 developers who have worked on Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online. All of them were then credited in alphabetical order.

GTA V and GTA Online are the result of a worldwide effort over many years, according to Rockstar. We want to thank everybody for their participation in these games, from their initial launch in 2013 through today.

Tez2, a Rockstar insider, shared the page on Twitter, causing players to wonder what the purpose for this message was, and some speculated that this might be a hint from the GTA 5 developers about the end of the game.

As the Rockstar Games teased that [GTA V] is coming to a well-deserved retirement, one Twitter user claimed that this post is the beginning of the end.

After 9 years since the game's release, the "thank you" page is likely to mark the beginning of a new era, that V is finally approaching its well-deserved retirement, and that VI will be released even more soon.

Another user tweeted: Oh my heart just slowed by the thought of GTA 6 material. However, a few players in the thread disagreed with the notion that Rockstar is teasing the end of GTA 5 or the beginning of GTA 6.

It's quite probable that they're just expressing their gratitude to the developers for their hard work over the past decade. One player said: I'm sure they'll continue to improve the game after GTA 6.

The Grand Theft Auto developers have made huge promises about setting creative benchmarks for GTA 6, and it remains to be seen how they intend to achieve them. It's hoped that an official reveal will be released soon.

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