The Internet Is Convinced Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine at the Dont Worry Darling Premiere

The Internet Is Convinced Harry Styles Spit on Chris Pine at the Dont Worry Darling Premiere ...

Existential spoilers are included in this article.

The internet as a whole is still arguing about whether Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine at the launch of the pair's beleaguered new thriller, Dont Worry Darling. Its just the latest juicy (but in this instance not that delicious) slice of drama from the films' production and subsequent review-panning debut, which has included the kind of fascinating nonsense that expensive PR bods spend considerable time micromanaging on big-budget projects so it never sees the light of day. However,

The film is set in the 1950s, with Florence Pugh playing Alice Chambers and Styles as Jack, and she directs it. There's a mystery involved. Chris Pine is there. Who cares. The internet has decided that the most important thing to focus on is everything that has changed since the film was first approved, so here's my attempt at summarising everything.

Dont Worry Darling didnt always star Styles as Jack. Shia LaBeouf was originally cast in the role, but was replaced with Styles. This article discusses Shia's reasoning, saying her presentation was not conducive to my work ethic. So Shia brought the photographs, which showed her begging him to stay. The trial date for the lawsuit against Labeouf for sexual assault by ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs has been set for April 17, 2023.

Wilde and Styles began dating during the production of Dont Worry Darling in January 2021, and in April Wilde was served child custody papers live on stage at CinemaCon, filed by her ex, Ted Lasso creator Jason Sudeikis, who later exposed their views on the project. Proof was anything from views about the film that weren't liked or shared, or aversion to certain Pugh statements.

Which brings us to this week and the Venice Film Festival's premiere, where Pugh appeared later than the rest of the core cast when it came to Dune 2, and seemingly did not want to interact with Styles or Wilde, who are now believed to have suddenly broken up during the occasion.

Pine had tried his hardest to get through interviews with the press in the run-up to the premiere, although various commentators claimed that he appeared to be mentally and emotionally checked out as he watched Dont Worry Darling in Venice, or did Styles shoot Pine and then appear to be spooked and zoomed in on more times than the Zapruder film in JFK? I guess the answer depends on who you ask.

#HarryStyles looks to be spit on Chris Pine i won't sleep until i know the truth

I've decided to believe that Harry Styles spit at Chris Pine in front of tens of thousands of people. As a little treat for myself.

All this Dont Worry Darling drama pretended to be beneath me, but now there's video of Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine on


Why is this the real issue, isn't it? The how and the who is just background for the public. Pugh, Styles, Wilde, LaBeouf, keeps 'em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents 'em from asking the most important question: why?

What is @POTUS doing to protect our Americans abroad (Chris Pine) from foreign threats (Harry Styles)??????

Chris Pine is on his flip phone right now, with zero access to twitter

Chris Pine is getting so many extra points in the White Chris rankings for politely enduring this whole mess.

chris pine participates in the dont worry darling press conference on

Harry Styles and Chris Pine are on Instagram:

We wanted you to be the first to know that Harry Styles might have spit on Chris Pine at the Venice International Film Festival tonight.

When the spit came out of his mouth, chris pine smiled.

The don't worry darling drama is becoming more and more absurd. What do you mean harry styles [spins wheel] spit on [spins wheel] chris pine

Me researching for my school papers vs me analyzing the Chris Pine/Harry Styles spit footage

did you notice this? harry styles spit on chris pine. yes, it's true. people are dissecting the footage in search of a second spitter, but apparently it only came from one direction.

the only thing that occurs in that video is chris pine forgot where he placed his sunglasses and while he was clapping he saw them between his legs and picked them up that's literally it.