For Save the World players, Fortnite Fortnitemares is here

For Save the World players, Fortnite Fortnitemares is here ...

Fortnite Fortnitemares is a battle royale game that has Halloween descend upon players, the world, and a few different modes as well. It can also mean seeing things like zombies appear in the standard battle royale mode.

Given that weve only just ended August, you're mistaken. For Fortnitemares, which started last month with a Fortnite callout, we're all-in on the spooky season, and you're best believe we're excited to be bringing you the good news that Fortnitemares has already begun in the Save the World mode ahead of chapter 3 season 4.

There are a few new knights to recruit and play as, some fun new weapons such as the Jack-O-Launcher, and the return of dungeons below Homebase. In fact, there are actually five different dungeons to work your way through alone or with your friends, and youll be able to discover all of the new goodies as you go.

The Save the World mode isnt as popular as Fortnite's regular PvP modes, but it's still a lot of fun, and there's no excuse not to grab it if you have access to it anyway. It's a part of the new Crossmark Operative Pack, which includes a Nia outfit, a few other little items, and the Save the World campaign.

If you want to keep the current season going, then you should take one last look at the Fortnite map before it changes again. Weve also got the lowdown on how to tame wildlife in Fortnite.