Liam Cavanagh of Emmerdale is tense as Leyla returns to the village

Liam Cavanagh of Emmerdale is tense as Leyla returns to the village ...

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Leyla Cavanagh of Emmerdale has been going through a rough patch in the last few months, and viewers have seen that her addiction has come close to consuming her entire diet.

Things got so bad that Leyla left the village to go to rehab and to try and get clean, and she is returning in scenes that will air next week. However, Liam is soon to realize that things will not be perfect for them.

Priya decides to have a chat with Liam to help manage his expectations.

Liam is being dubbed in by Jai to assist him in figuring out what he should expect, and after a brutally honest conversation, Liam is left feeling very uneasy about what awaits him.

Liam is often left feeling exhausted and drained after attending couples' therapy with Leyla.

Liam and Leyla return to the village the following day, but it is clear that their difficulties are far from over and that everything remains tense.

Will Liam and Leyla be able to go beyond all that has been done and start fresh, or is this the beginning of the end for them?

As Emmerdale's 50th anniversary celebrations approach, things may not be looking good for the couple.

Three returning characters are on the way back to the Dales in time for the anniversary, but a major storm is on the way that threatens to change many villagers' lives forever.

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